The Facebook that pays you to post

What is the driving source of our generation. The internet; that was an easy question right. Our world revolves around the internet. You need a connection to send an email, talk to friends or even check the score of a sporting even you missed. Even though is is relatively new, most people couldn’t see a life where the internet wasn’t present. However the bulk of it is information and a company that wants to sell something. It wasn’t common in the beginning for someone to have a job solely online. Now it is a way people try to make a living

Its documented that most people who try to make money online fail. They are stuck trying to sellĀ a product that is not theirs and the enthusiasm of trying something new dies. Powerful innovators however, have found a way to make money having people sign up for their site to be able to connect with family and friends over the internet. Websites like migente, localhookupz, mysace and Facebook have at some point in time found a unique way of attracting members. Millions of people flocked to these websites daily. It was fun. It became second nature to want to share your personal content among peers. The only problem is the time spent on this only benefited with entertainment. Nobody was making a penny putting information on the web. Until now.

A new social media website came up with a way to pay its members the same way youtube pays people. Through the ad revenue. If someone told you you could make money doing something you already do for free everyday and enjoy it, would you sign up for that site? Would you get mad if you didn’t make a penny doing it? I don’t think so.

The vision is to connect with people. That is the reason you can only sign up through someone else. Its simple. Add friends, follow other members, post content, like others comments and comment on others comments. Does that sound like something you did before?

I’m sure it sounds too good to be true. The revenue can be rewarding if you treat it like a business and grow your network. But the reality is it will take some time and effort. But like any other new social network, its strangely addictive. The site doesn’t even urge you to leave Facebook. In fact, you can share all of your posts straight to your Facebook page with one click to gain more views, likes and comments. And when you check Facebook your post shows up right away with no indication that your post came from another site.

Like I said before you can only sign up through current member. Its also the best way to grow your network. The best part; its 100% free. They will not ask for a dime. I urge everyone to try it out for thirty days. I highly recommend it. Go to . Yes is . co not .com. I am willing to help anyone who needs help making this a great experience.

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