The Essence of the Jasmine Flowers

What is the essence of the Jasmine Flower?   A question that only a beauty queen contestant can answer.   Hahaha… oh wait, since I am going to answer the essence of the jasmine flower then I am the beauty queen. ..  **wave, wave, wave…. and walk in the ramp with the  gliding hips, and turn, and smile and wave, look at the camera with the batting false eyelashes”   hahaha  ok now seriously.

Jasmine flowers are white and fragrant small flowers usually found in  Asian Countries.  sam2

In the Philippines we call this as Sampaguita,

in Thailand they call it as dok mali,

in Vietnam they call them as  hoa nhài hoa,

Indonesians’  call them as “bunga melati” while in  Lao – “dok jasmin”

……and so many other terms.

Again the question what is the essence of the Jasmine Flower?  Aside from it is a symbol of purity (for Filipinas) in the Philippines,   In  Thailand, they also represent “motherhood”.  .   These little flowers are used also for ornaments and flower decoration.  Always used as flower offerings to God or Buddha.   Just for fun, also my mother’s favorite flower.  hehehe

Anyway, what is the essence of these cute little flowers aside from what have  previously mentioned above.   The extract of the flowers can make oils for sweet smelling perfumes.  In addition, these flowers can also used as water enhancers and of course even tea.   (just for fun again, our dog’s snacks).

WATER ENHANCER:  This is the use of the jasmine buds to add a little perk to the ordinary drinking water.   The water will also smells good, and if it used to food gives some different taste on it.  Like what I said,  “perk”

tipsHow to make the jasmine flower as a water enhancer.

1.  Pick only the buds PREFERABLY at  night time.

2.  Wash the flower buds.

3.  Put the buds in the container with the clean water.  (The number of buds depend on the “concentration”  you wish to make, the more buds/flowers the stronger mixture.)

4.   Cover the container.  Put in the refrigerator.  This step  maintains the freshness of   the water.



Where can you use the WATER ENHANCED with Jasmine extract?  This depends on the water you use for soaking.

  • If it is a drinking water you can drink immediately and enjoy the different taste and fragrant of jasmine water.
  • Final water for the steam rice.   Using this jasmine water as the final water (after rinsing)  on the steam rice will give you the effect of special rice and expensive Thai or Japanese rice.
  • Final water for desserts.   Amazingly you will be able to taste the “jasmine extract”  on the dessert that you just prepared.   Example sweet beans, rice cakes,  pudding, etch.

What is the essence of the jasmine flowers?   a lot and this teeny, ween,  itsy, bitsy little flowers really make wonder.   Believe  it, try it.


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54 thoughts on “The Essence of the Jasmine Flowers”

  1. Good article Mavic. But if you stop adding meaningless phrases like “hahaha” and “hehehe” both in your articles and also in your comments it will be a great help.

      • @Mavic I appreciate your expressions of delight or glee and even mischievousness, since there are no emoticons here to denote different feelings. I find your writing quite interesting and your interjections appealing and humorous. I’m sure some people may prefer humorless, more seriously toned articles. I, on the other hand feel that life is serious enough and little expressions of humor appropriately placed throughout your articles are a welcome addition.

        Leaving them out may be a great help to those who fail to/don’t want to see the humor of it but those of us with a sense of humor enjoy it. And it’s you. I believe you have a right to publish an article in any manner you wish, abiding by the site rules of course. Please continue to be yourself, write yourself and be happy. You make me smile and you have a knack for writing humorously. Humor is a difficult subject to write and you do it well.

        ALL your articles are good and well researched, factual. And FUNNY. Thank you for being so entertaining. 🙂

  2. Though I’m not familiar with Jasmine flower, but I can understand its importance like it can make the water smells good, can make perfumes as well. I like your style mavic, you’ve always add something funny and refreshing phrases in your tips. Hey thanks Mavic now I know what Jasmine called in Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

    • actually I knew that they are use for perfume and mouth wash (nowadays) because of the sweet fragrant they produced.

      However, I didn’t know that it can also use for water enhancers but when I came here and saw my friend used it I was surprised myself. I told my sisters to do at home for steam rice and they said the rice taste better.

      Thanks for appreciating my writing style. I have serious articles too if you want to read.

  3. I just know that it is sampaguita. i happened to buy jasmine tea before but I don’t really know its filipino name. I had a sampaguita plant and it was just used as ornamental plant. I cut it when it became a small tree already. I am planning to plant jasmine again and try what you shared to us here,

    • yes please,

      I didn’t know this too until I went here in Thailand and they are indeed using this. and try to put it in sweets… the desserts will taste different. try it first by putting in a drinking water.. then taste. more or less that will be the taste in the dessert. I like the taste so much.

  4. Wow that’s nice. Will try it when I find jasmine flower. I only know jasmine tea and jasmine rice by the Japanese.

    • please do try it and tell me if it is worth it. I mean I tasted it here I am not sure if it will be the same in the Philippines.

  5. wow just knew that our sampaguita is the jasmine flower. Hmm never tried cooking with a sweet smell can’t imagine the taste hmmm

    • yes madam @daisynufable:disqus i encourage you try it. They cook here like (kalamay) in the Philippines, then they put the jasmine water. wow.. I actually tasted the the flower on the output. try it first in the drinking water to find out if you will like the taste in the food because most likely they taste the same.

          • yup… the buds and those that are about to bloom. get as many as you can madame @daisynufable:disqus

          • well as soon as it starts too bloom. So all I have to do is wash it first and then let it seep in the water? For how long?

          • wash the flowers first, *no more leaves and hard stem you know the brownish ones*

            then put in the container (with cover) with water (clean) then let them have there overnight. if the buds have not bloomed yet, you can still reuse. no problem.

  6. Good information! I love this idea. Very interesting. I like the smell of jasmine and I think I’ll try this. I want to make some jasmine scented water to lightly spray my couch. It will be such a good smell and relaxing too, I think. Not sure if I can find any jasmine flowers here, although they must grow them somewhere in the US. Have you tried any of your ideas yet? I’m anxious to know how they came out. 🙂

    • Yes, I did, Remember when we taught “mothers of Thailand” on Thai dessert? they used this water in one of the desserts and it smelled and tasted different. I think it breaks the “monotony” of sweet taste.

      yes you can also do that use as spray or air freshener. Although the plant is not a complicated plant. I mean if you have the twig, just put it in the soil it will grow.

      • Yes, I remember. Did they like the idea? And it must have made it taste quite different.

        I can’t really grow much. Plants don’t like me. But there are a lot of flower farms here as well as dairy and fruits and vegetables. Maybe I can buy some jasmine flowers. I might look for them when I go shopping.

        • i am not sure if you will be able to find this in a flower shop. I don’t think so. Hope you will find them.

          yes. they liked the taste. I liked the taste not tooo sweet really

          • These aren’t flower shops, they’re hothouses and nurseries, garden suppliers. They have all kinds of plants and acres of land with hothouses to grow all year. So maybe I’d be able to buy a jasmine plant in a pot.

            I tried jasmine rice once but I didn’t like it. It tasted too much like a perfume to me. haha But for an air freshener I think the smell would be pretty. Or to spray on the bed. Maybe a nice smell to go to sleep with. 🙂

          • ahhh good, so are they selling flowers.. you have to buy at least 30 pieces of these tiny flowers. LOL.

            Sadly, in the Philippines, poor vendors (usually children) sell these in the streets of manila.

          • That many to make scented water? Wow. That’s a lot. I don’t know, I think it might be too expensive. But I’ll find out.

            What a cute little girl! It’s too bad they have to do that to survive.

          • yes in the Philippines.. so frustrating when it comes to the situation of these children. You have seen a better looking child you should see them in person…

            yes many so that they will extract very well in the water. the more flowers the stronger the concentration is

          • Homeless children around the world – a terrible thing. Very sad when children suffer.

            I’ll see how much they cost. If not too expensive I’ll try it. I wonder what else I could do that with besides jasmine flowers?

          • i can’t recommend other flowers that I have not tested. Jasmiine flowers are edible so I think it’s okay. but the rest I am not sure of anything.

            Homeless children break my heart.

          • I saw a show once that told what flowers were edible. Pansies are the only ones I’m sure of. People use them as cake decorations and on desserts. But I read that it’s better to grow your own for eating and not to buy them from nurseries or florists for eating. They may have been treated with something.

            Yes, it’s heartbreaking. It’s the worst situation for a kid to be in.

          • Yes I have seen here some flowers eaten, some for coloring or use as food color but not for fragrance and refreshing water to drink. that’s the only one I drank. I saw two kinds of flowers here I will write something about them too .

            in the future. LOL

          • Will you write about flowers that can be eaten? I read that when restaurants use them in food dishes people don’t know whether it’s for decoration alone or can be be eaten as well. I know I wouldn’t want to eat a flower unless I was sure about it.

          • yes I might. there are some kind of flower in the Philippines that can be eaten as dessert. interesting but even if we have it at home we did not try making it as a salad. bougainvillea

          • Interesting that you mentioned bougainvillea because I read that in Mexico they make a drink from one of the bougainvillea species. But I don’t know which one. It’s supposed to be a very refreshing drink. I’ve seen sugared flowers as cake decorations (to eat) and I imagine they must taste good. They looked like candy and were crusted in sugar. mmmmm 🙂

          • actually they look so pretty. Mon loves our bougainvillea tree and he loves pruning it… when he’s at home, he used to prune it. and when the flowers bloom, all red flowers are on top of the fence or arch. then the twigs, flowers and leaves shade the garage. so pretty. although when you pass under it, it will look like someone is throwing flowers at you. so nice.

          • I didn’t know it was a tree. My mother loved them but we never had any. She had roses.

            Do jasmine flowers come in colors or just in white?

          • yes they are just white small and fragrant flowers. it’s not a tree its a vine. but overtime it grows so big that it has to be pruned. and the twigs are getting hard.

            I love roses too. but I don’t like to buy plants. so I don’t have them here.

          • But very pretty, such a pure white. They’d look beautiful in a bouquet with different shades of pink flowers.

            A vine – a very BIG vine, I must say. I wonder if I could grow one? I can’t grow much. Plants don’t like me. But you have your eggplants. Can you send me a picture of them? I read that the eggplant also has flowers on it.

          • if only it will not be difficult to send it to you can I send a twig, my eggplant plant has violet small flowers. I will send to you later if I get a wifi connection to my pad, I have pictures of it there.

          • Don’t send me a twig. Waste of time. I would only inadvertently kill it. Can’t you just email me the pictures?

            Violet flowers – how pretty. I really want to see a picture.

          • lol. but you love to have an authentic jasmine flower…. Is it allowed via post? I can do that.

            I will send you the pictures once I get my wifi connection. at this point I am using LAN Cable. that’s why I have internet connection

          • Some plants aren’t allowed into other countries. I don’t which plants, though.

            Waiting for the pics. 🙂

          • sorry but I can’t load the pictures here when I tried.

            maybe it is not allowed in your country but it is a good bush plant (something like that) as you can direct what form you like….

          • Well, I won’t be growing any. I could probably buy a plant here but it would be a waste of time and money. I think it would die on me. Most everything does. 🙁

          • ok then just wait for the pictures I will be sending you instead… for that it won’t wither .. i am sure just don’t let star pee on it.

          • You’re sending me pictures of the jasmine plants/flowers? Can’t wait. If I can print them out Star better not pee on them. Or anything else in this house. She has her own private litterbox.

  7. I am a huge fan of jasmin. The first time I got to smell these wonderful flowers was when i was around 10 years old. TO this day, it remains as one of my favorite flowers. I will try to do some jasmin extracts and as a water enhancer i think it is perfect.

    • yes, as promise to you, I already shared this jasmine extract water enhancers. please try it ia small glass first. and find out if you will like the taste.

      but it’s really refreshing.

      • I’ll try it and i’ll update you how it goes. Do you think this will work with sampaguita? Although it is not exactly jasmin but it is in the same family?

        • they are quite similar. I thought that they are different but they are just the same. Ours are single layer flowers and here we have two or three. I don’t see “sampaguita” here, In fairness, our sampaguita are more fragrant than theirs.

          please tell me if you will want the taste. I have tasted it and I like it.

    • what is wrong with you. LOL. got tired of your fans hanging the sampaguita garlands on your neck.

      it’s just a little twist .. especially in the rice.

    • thank you so much. I am glad you have learned something from this post. enjoy your day as well and the rest of week.


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