The Effects Of Video Games To Adults

Who said video games are only for kids? I did! And I was just surprised how a lot of people in their early to late 20’s would be spending time after office hours inside internet cafe and play games for more than 2 hours. This was a realization when my sister in law and i opened up a business and we sell these Garena Cards which I never had any idea what they were. We have regular customers that buy these cards for the purpose of playing online videogames. I thought how childish these people were but then I soon found out that this has become their stress-reliever from a very tiring day.

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These game players are able to re-live their child in them which makes them to have a better perspective of life. Some may find it improper because games were mostly associated with kids. But I think that when playing videogames is done in moderation, it serves as the buffer for their day’s load.


Who would realize that playing videogames would be a source of de-stressing oneself and help them increase their creativity and imagination? There are videogames that allows a player to make his own strategy in attacking or counter-attacking an opponent. These may have been overlooked as a great way to help a person to give some form of relaxation. Some studies have shown that these games may trigger a kind of personality wherein the person would get frustrated and then goes overboard with cursing which may sometimes lead to some petty arguments. But I do think that in any kind of situation, one should know how to control his emotions and seek just the enjoyment with the game and not to take it as something personal.



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Not all videogames are about fighting. There is WiiFit which allows the games to be on his feet and emulate what is seen on the monitor thus, this makes his sweat and somehow, it helps him de-stress himself while keeping up with his work out. I tried playing marathon and other sports game with my niece with her Xbox and in just 30 minutes, despite the A/C in full blast, I was sweating! You can also try Fruit Ninja. I think it is the better compared than Taebo!



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One of the best ways to help the elderly to make their memory as sharp as possible is by giving them books or newspaper and teaching them how to play video games. This keep will keep  them alert. Some doctors would recommend that the elderly be given tablets of their own so that instead of just sitting on a corner and think of unhappy thoughts, they should keep themselves busy with playing these games.

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    • yes, it does. I have actually suggested my sister in law to buy his father a tablet so that he won’t feel “unproductive” but my father in law just refuses to use any gadgets. LOL

  1. Absolutely love video games, I’m big into Rift.I do want to get a Wii and a Wiifit thing though, but maybe one day!


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