The Effects Of Flouride

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As a dentistry student, we were taught the importance of fluoride in one’s dental health. It has been said that it helps strengthens the enamel to keep the teeth from tooth decay or caries. Thus, as early as 7 years old, children are advised to undergo a fluoridization treatment which is just practically soaking the teeth, both upper and lower sets in a mould filled with fluoride for about 30 minutes.

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But there has been a debate whether fluoride should really be part of one’s dental hygiene and its existence on tap water. In Israel, the use of fluoride has now been banned. But the government  allows the parents to decided on whether they would allow their children to be exposed with fluoride. It has been noted from the researches done that fluoride can actually affect brain development. The presence of fluoride does not contribute anything to make one’s body healthy.


Pregnant women have been advised not to use formula that has been diluted with tap water that contains fluoride as it contains 100x more fluoride that one absorbs from water and the toothpaste being used. Further studies showed that ingestion of fluoride, which is considered to be a toxin can damage soft tissues in the brain, kidneys and the endocrine system. It can also lead to fluorosis, which is the softening of enamel due to over-accumulation of fluoride. More so, accumulation of fluoride in the brain can alter behavior.

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  1. oh uh.. mother i am in deep trouble.. I want to swallow toothpaste … seriously… when I want some “minty” taste… I will get a pinch from the tube and put in my mouth and swallow.

    yucky? LOL …

  2. I also read about the negative effects of flouride, I just can’t remember where, but I think in one social media site, saying flouride causes cancer. Is it true?

    • There had been studies that flouride can lead to such condition but ONLY when a huge amount of flouride has been digested or absorbed. But with the amount used for toothpastes, i don’t think it could cause any harm.


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