The Effects Of Drugs and Alcohol In Women

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Liquor has been found to have an effect on the reproductive system of both men and women. The women consuming more amount of alcohol can result in issues with their monthly cycle and as well as an effect in getting pregnant. It can additionally prompt sexual issues and infertility.


Women’s monthly period can stop, it can become irregular. There is also a possibility of non- ovulation or lead to an early menopause and expanded rates of spontaneous fetus removal or abortion. Therefore, those women drinking more than the amount that is necessary may have issues getting pregnant or keeping the child. Some have reported not knowing they were pregnant as they would be experiencing irregular monthly periods..


Some women, report the feeling of wanting more intake of liquor/alcohol amid their period or when they are premenstrual. This is thought to be because of the way that amid this time it takes more time for the liquor to be broken down as well as the concentration on the blood is believed to be higher.


So the next time you (women) would like to drink to your heart’s content, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. It is fine to go partying sometimes, but if it becomes an addiction,it will not only leave you unhealthy, but can also be a cause of broken relationships.

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14 thoughts on “The Effects Of Drugs and Alcohol In Women”

  1. I am not a drinker… but I like to “drink” seriously i know that it is bad but “I like to drink” . I like to learn how to drink, but “I like to drink” … but hey these are serious effects aren’t they?

    • I just drink occasionally. I had my first taste of alcohol under the supervision of my parent in high school. It was Xmas or New Year. It started out as making a fruit punch, then the rarion between the juice and rhum or gin went wild! LOL

      • I want to learn because I can’t drink during social gatherings.

        but like simplewoman i have allergies and palpitations.

  2. hmm i used to remember that the “olds” would tell us to drink a little beer to make menstrual cramps go away.

  3. I hear a lot of people say that they only drink when there is a special occasion. But it happens that every week there is something to celebrate about.

      • At least you don’t pass out when you drink alcohol. That’s not good when you have friends willing to draw on your face while you sleep.

  4. Alcoholism during pregnancy can have adverse effect on child’s mental health, so much so that the child can turn out to be retarded or can carry on the mental deficiencies in later generations. Alcohol is not good for anybody’s health.Period.


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