The Easiest Way to Add Custom Favicon on Genesis Child Themes

I am writing this while the information is hot and fresh. As you know, Genesis child themes have a default favicon on them – the “G” icon! But if you are planning to replace it by a custom favicon, an icon that would represent your brand – then you can do it in a matter of minutes. It’s easy!


It’s not my own trick, but as you know I always test tricks out there! So, you are pretty sure that it would work for you too! I have tested it with my clients’ site. If you see that I am still using the Genesis favicon here, it means that I haven’t had the time yet in creating the icon (I am busy building WordPress sites with my clients).

Are you ready? For safety, make sure that you have access to the root directory of your clients’ site, or your own site if ever something goes wrong. In this case, though, I am pretty sure that it would work on your end too!

1. This is the code:

/** Adding custom Favicon */
add_filter( 'genesis_pre_load_favicon', 'custom_favicon' );
function custom_favicon( $favicon_url ) {
	return '';

2. Replace the URL with your custom favicon URL, see instruction below if you don’t have a favicon yet.

3. Insert the modified code in your child theme function.php file.

4. Save and you are done!

See the original tutorial here.

You don’t have a favicon yet?

It’s not a problem! If you already have a banner or logo, you can convert it to a favicon in a single click! I don’t have a logo yet, so here I go, I use a plain text in the header! But as I told you, I’ve tried it with my clients’ sites!

Upload your logo here –

Tip: for a better result, make sure that your logo is a perfect square. Once you are done, upload your favicon.ico to your Media library, then use it to replace the URL above inside the code. Are you ready?


Don’t have a Genesis Framework yet? If you are not yet running your site using Genesis Framework, you can check out my Gig on Fiverr! I strongly recommend you to use Genesis for SEO, and many other reasons.

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