The Difference Between The Person You Are Dating and The Person You Married

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As you may have noticed with the relationships you have gone through, there had been slight changes to humongous differences that your partner have had. It may have some affected how you are towards one another. But if that same person has become your spouse, what do you think should you expect?




See the difference:
1. On meeting the family—when you were single, your partner may only want to be with you ALL of the time. But once married, your spouse would definitely want to know your family and friends.
2. On physical appearance — a woman may be insanely worried about how she looks and be worried with the kind of clothes she wears. But once married, the wife would rather be as simple as she can be and feel confident with it to please her husband.
3. On career – your partner would be focused on the career profession that she/he has. But once married, both becomes supportive towards each other’s success in their chosen professions.
4. On finances—a single woman may be salivating with the amount of money you earn each month. Probably, she has other things in her mind aside from just having you. But once married, both would agree in helping both ends meet for the family.
5. About Life – a single woman would probably brag about her knowledge about everything (yeah right!) But a married woman is willing to learn new things and be able to make them as possible means of helping for the family.
6. On secrets – single people might be hesitant to reveal everything about them especially events or certain instances wherein it might have been a bad memory for them. But a married woman would always be as honest as she can be so her husband will trust her and at the same time, his husband would do the same.
7. On baring cleavage – the girl you date may actually want to give you more than what you expect by flaunting her cleavage. But the married woman would dress appropriately making sure that she will not tarnish the name that her husband has given her.


These are just a few differences which are based on an ordinary male-female relationship to a “model” married couple. But of course, there can be some humour behind all these differences, too when either the husband or the wife could change into an insanely different person that could just make the marriage crumble in less than 30 days! LOL

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Jenny Alano

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5 thoughts on “The Difference Between The Person You Are Dating and The Person You Married”

  1. wow.. this is something. now, I can make a book of “relationship” just after another article about romance.

    long time no hear.. Jenny… I was busy yesterday.. missed the fun here.

  2. so yes it is true when they say the true colors come out after marriage, may be good or maybe bad. We all ope it is the good that comes out. So we have to work hard to maintain the good relationship.

  3. I nam lucky that I married the same woman I dated. She still dresses the way she did, she still behaved the way she did. Both of barely changed our behaviors and our expectations. After all, we married the people we dated. And we knew what we were getting into.

  4. Well, for me dating is just the surface. Meaning it is all about having a good time. But when you are already married, you experience not just fun but also the opposite of it. You get to be more intimate with each other in all aspects.


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