The Difference Between Fast Food and Restaurants

I love food and I love eating out specifically in restaurants.  I think I got that from my mom.  When I was as young as five years old, she already brought me to a Japanese Restaurant.  She is very sociable and meets up with different people all the time.  She brings me along because according to her, I don’t want to be left at home.

Nowadays, there are so many fast food restaurants, food carts, food stalls, food courts, restaurants, and fine dining restaurants in our country.  Of course, these places may serve the same type of food or cuisine but differ in prices.  Why is that?  There are so many reasons that I can think of why places serve the same meal but differ in prices.  Here are some differences between eating at a Fast Food and Restaurants:

  1. Quality of Food – There are so many places that serve the same thing like burgers, pizza, pasta, meat dishes, and a lot more.  They also serve similar cuisines like Filipino dish, Chinese, Japanese, European, Italian, and American but still, prices are not the same.  The reason behind this is the quality of their food.  Don’t get me wrong, fast food dishes taste good.  I eat there almost every other day but if you tried one of the casual or fancy restaurants, they taste differently compared to McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jollibee.  Sometimes they taste better, sometimes they taste the same, and sometimes they taste less compared to fast food places.

The prices are different because of the ingredients.  Fast food suppliers are different from restaurants.  Some may even get their supplier from other countries or from expensive kind of ingredients.  In Japanese fast food, they may use ordinary rice to make their Maki or sushi but in expensive Japanese restaurants, they may use authentic Japanese rice that is stickier than ordinary rice which makes the taste different.

  1. Decor – In fast food places, the chairs and tables are ordinary looking.  They are similar to cafeteria you see in school or in the office but in restaurants, they have elegant chairs and tables.  They even use tablecloth for their tables.  They have added decor like painting, vases, plants, and whatever decor they want to add to enhance their restaurant.
  2. Service – For me, this is much more noticeable than the quality of food.  I have been to so many fast food places and restaurants and the service is what I always notice.  The food from the fast food and from the restaurant may taste very similar but the service is very different.

Last weekend, my mom and I had lunch at a casual dining restaurant.  We ordered ribs for sharing.  The food was delicious.  I recalled enjoying ribs from a different place.  That was a fast food place.  The fast food ribs and the ribs that we recently had tasted at par with each other but the prices were a lot different.  What made them different even more, it was the service.  You don’t even need to call the waiter if you want your water to be refilled.  They will just go to your seat and refill it.  They check up on you like every 15 minutes to make sure that you are enjoying your food and if you need something to make your dining experience more pleasurable.

That is also one of the reasons that I want to splurge a little when it comes to eating out because aside from the food that taste exquisite, you are well taken care of.

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3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Fast Food and Restaurants”

  1. there are certain restaurants that my wife and I like to frequent. Their service is a lot more pleasant and warm. I must agree than the quality of ingredients between the two is different. Of course i’d be willing to pay more for better food.

    • I agree even if people say that the food from fast food and restaurant are the same. The experience will never be the same. 🙂


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