The Cheapest Home Security

Ok I think a lot of you will be saying: “what kind?” ” Maybe it is not good?” “It will break easily”.  Well nope, because the home security I am talking about does not  need electricity, a camera, or even lights. Just feed it and give it a little love and care.

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Yes, I am talking about my dogs. Haha most of us (me included) cannot afford to buy those electronic CCTV cameras and lights and alarms. But if you have dogs, they are better than cameras because sometimes they will be lurking in the dark and can not be seen. They are even louder than an alarm. I have been saved from a lot of tempted robberies. One time I was at the front window of my bedroom there was a brown out so it was dark and I couldn’t bee seen. I had seen Shane go to the corner under the palm tree near the front gate and sleep coz it was cooler. I heard the big gates rattle and I saw I figure trying to open then tried to climb. Chanel was at the back so Shane was alert, I saw her move. As soon as the person was starting to climb and nearly reached the top, Shane came out barking  loud and the other dogs inside started to bark to, chain reaction, and Chanel came barking. Poor guy got scared and fell off, it was his fault. When he tried to stand limping I shouted “It’s your fault, I’m calling the police”, lol he ran away limping. Ever since no one else tried to get in, people know I have a lot of dogs and they bark.

Maintenance is minimal just food, shower and love. They will protect you with their lives and besides that you have someone to play with or talk to. Electronic stuff are innate objects which you can just stare at.


My dogs are spread out; 2 stay out, Chanel and Shane her offspring both females, and 2 downstairs in the helpers sleeping area and dirty kitchen Napoleon and Charmi, the rest upstairs either in the living room or  in my bedroom.

A Camera can take a video of the person or person coming in and can do nothing . You will have been robbed by the time you see the coverage. Once someone tries to enter the gate the dogs start to bark and even run to the gate. Good thing Chanel and Shane are medium – large size. People have are scared of dogs and rabies. All my dogs have been vaccinated but dog bites hurt. So if ever they can get through the 2 outside , I don’t think they could get through the 5 in the house plus the 2 downstairs.

So dogs are very good security and easy to maintain. If the pictures can be added you will see my 9 home security. Well I have 10 now but the other Kikay is still just a puppy going on 2 months old 🙂

I can’t afford a security guard but it is also helpful if you also have male helpers. I have a husband and wife with their 2 daughters 11 and 13 and they are big for their age. Also the husband’s dad stays with us, he prefers to sleep outside in the small nipa hut so I have an extra security too. He is in his 60’s but fit.

So these are my house security tips but it doesn’t mean you need 10 dogs, 1 or 2 would be fine depending on the size of your house and outside.

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