The Best Job Search Tips that Will Attract Potential Employers or Clients

Is it hard to find a job? Let me list down the best job search tips so that you can find the job you’ll love.

Make an Appealing Cover Letter

Write a concise cover letter. Proofread your letter to cut off the fluff. Yes, you have your resume, but you can convince a potential employer with your writing fluency.

Make use of the Social Network

Take the advantage of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Use the social networks to build a professional profile. Showcase your skills on Google+! Many people are using Google+ to attract potential employer. Do you have an account on LinkedIn? Demonstrate your expertise on LinkedIn.

Build your Brand

I build my own brand. I have a personal blog. I have attracted few clients there. When you successfully built your brand, you can attract clients. Yes. No need to seek for them. They will fall in line to ask a quote from you! If you are a writer, establish yourself in a trusted portal like Squidoo and Hubpages, or build your own blog! Then showcase your talents.

What we do here on Day2DayTips? We aim to build your authorship! If you are an aspiring writer, look for decent portals where potentials clients can see you! Day2DayTips is a decent portal where you can build your own brand.

Google Yourself

Have you tried searching your name on Google? It’s not necessarily your real name – your penname? What the search results have told you about yourself? Build a trusted brand – your potential employers can Google you!

Establish an Online Presence

This is similar to building your brand online. I encourage you to start a blog! Your own personal blog! As I said, if you are an aspiring writer, showcase your skills on your blog! Create a portfolio and link all your social media accounts on your blog! Bloggers are thought leaders on the internet!

What’s special here on Day2DayTips? I am a web developer! If you plan to start your own blog – you got a free consultation and 50% discount for a blog design using a premium platform! You can start for free on and I can guide you through!

Look for Freelance Jobs on oDesk and Freelancer

If you have exceptional skills – try these trusted freelance sites! Start from scratch. Start from building your profile and work your way to being trusted and in demand.

Think Outside the Box

Market yourself in different ways! Use all available medium in your place! What’s good – you are in front of your computer screen! Think about the possibilities! You can connect to the world – make use of the power of Facebook!

Do not limit yourself – you have a lot of capabilities! Discover them! Nurture them! Enhance them! Market them!

Nowadays, most hiring is posted on online job boards, and in some cases, your potential clients or employers is hunting for you!

The points I’ve discussed above are only few of the best job search tips that will help you land a good job! I give emphasis on building your brand as it will help you find a greater earning opportunity in the near future. If you look for a job, especially online job, you need to present your potential employer the validation of your skills. One way to validate your skills is to present your social profiles, your blog and online portfolio.

I also give emphasis on blogging! If you are curious about starting your own blog, let me know in the comment below.

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

9 thoughts on “The Best Job Search Tips that Will Attract Potential Employers or Clients”

  1. Those are awesome tips @Prime and you are right building your brand helps you a lot as an online writer to get job you are aiming for. Great share of information bro, Happy Sunday.

    • Happy Sunday Sis @disqus_dqdRGzpeIO:disqus Thank you so much! Yes, we should build our brand first in order to land better paying jobs online or offline.

      • The only obstacle that I have is I’m weaK in English. However, I am trying my best to put everything on table to become a good English writer soon!

  2. These are sensible and practical tips my friend. I tried googling my full name and pictures of really buffed guys popped up. It’s not me, but I don’t mind others to think I have a beach body. LOL

  3. Great tips, @simplifiedblogging:disqus ! I used to hide my identity for fear of my online accounts would again be hacked, but it helps people we deal with to know that we are “real”.

  4. great tips dear, it is true, we have to work hard and let ourselves known for our work rather than just sit and wait


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