The Benefits you get from Grab Taxi

Grab Taxi is an application that you can download for FREE in your smarthphone via Google Play (for Android users) and App Store (Apple Gadget users) where you can book a taxi whenever and wherever you are.

I have been a GrabTaxi user for almost a year now and I am proud to say that I am very much satisfied with their service.  I first used their service last Christmas season.

Christmas season is the time where it is always traffic specifically in the mall areas because people love to shop.  Getting a cab is a challenge because there are so many people but minimal taxi available simply because of the traffic.  Cab drivers feel that they will not be compensated fairly because they are stuck in traffic and could not get more passengers during the day.

Here are some other benefits you get when availing a cab from Grab Taxi:

1. Accessibility.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, you can get a cab whatever the time of the day is.  Even if it is already late at night (e.g. 12 midnight onwards), you will definitely get a cab in no time.  Plus a lot of taxi drivers have already subscribed to Grab Taxi so there will always be a cab for you.

2. Safety.

There are still many evil taxi drivers lurking around.  They rob from you, hurt you, have tampered taxi meters, and a lot of cab drivers are picky when it comes to passengers especially in the airport.  They would even ask you to add 50 pesos to 100 pesos on top of their taxi meter because the location is far and very traffic.  With Grab Taxi drivers, their records are submitted to Grab Taxi.  Their names, contact numbers, and plate numbers.  Taxi drivers who wish to join Grab Taxi need to submit National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance. You know you are safe because you can see the details of the taxi driver which you can share it via e-mail or text message.

Their units also have GPS which you can track online.  You know where the taxi driver’s exact location is.  You can even share the link to your friends for your safety as well.

Honestly, I have not ridden any Grab Taxi where the driver is impolite and ask additional fare.  All of them are very courteous and friendly even at night.

3. No waiting in long lines.

No need for you to compete with other passengers.  There was one time when I got out from the mall and it started raining really hard.  I saw the taxi queue and it was very long but minimal taxis go inside.  I booked a cab via Grab Taxi.  After waiting for 10 minutes, Grab Taxi already got me a cab.

4. Promo.

They have continuous promos that I have enjoyed all throughout.  In availing Grab Taxi, there is what they call “Booking Fee” that is amounted to 70 pesos.  Whatever the fare is, you need to add 70 pesos which I think is a small amount compared to your safety especially if your work ends very late in the evening.  Grab Taxi sometimes waive that booking fee for you so you only need to pay what is due in the meter.

They also have a promo where you can win worth P20,000 worth of rides.

5. Grab Taxi Booth.

Not all people have smartphones.  Not all people can connect to internet.  Grab Taxi put a booth inside well-known malls where people can just go to the booth for their booking needs.

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12 thoughts on “The Benefits you get from Grab Taxi”

  1. When you need a guaranteed ride, I think the Php 50-Php 100 pesos additional fee is good enough. It can be a safe alternative when going around the metro.

    • yes. but I don’t want to give the extra fare to cab drivers who are rude and complains a lot that’s why I choose grab taxi.

      • I have the cellphone numbers of the taxi drivers who have been kind to me. I usually call them when I need a ride. And I don’t mind giving extra.

    • Very convenient and safe. I have nothing bad to say about this application/service. They should have thought about this a long time ago. 🙂

  2. I think the plus points here is the safety. I mean that’s true just hailing a cab from nowhere is quite dangerous.


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