The advantage of Traveling alone

Traveling alone as a tourist or as an adventurer can be breathtaking and life rewarding; you should travel alone to the unknown at least once in your life.Traveling alone will put your fears to the test, whether you’re traveling around Europe, Asia, Africa, or even your own city, there are some details you should study before you make the trip.

Be prepared when you travel abroad, each country is always different; you should always obey their laws and regulations.
Always have with you your passport, all necessary documents, a map, local currency (small change is essential), and a bottle of water (not all water is clean).

Plan where you will be staying, which landmarks and places of interest you plan to visit, which form of transportation to take and what to expect in terms of cost and time. Traveling midweek can be a good start since everybody will be at work; which means landmarks won’t be as crowded.

When it comes to dining and you want to eat what the locals eat, study the ingredients first. Their food will obviously be different from what you regularly eat. You may find out that you’re actually allergic to something you never knew.

You will meet amazing people on the way; people who you thought never even existed good or bad; you may even find love on the way.

The advantage of traveling alone is you don’t have to wait for anybody; life is out there and it’s waiting for you.Wherever you choose to go, travel safely and bring back plenty of memories.

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2 thoughts on “The advantage of Traveling alone”

  1. My first few travels abroad were not with my family. The very first was with some students from different schools wherein we were sent to Japan as exchanged students. Although I was not literally alone, I felt like an adult being responsible for myself. I was 15 years old then. Then there was also a time wherein I went to Hong Kong alone. I actually came a day ahead of my mom and sister. They came from Muscat then decided to spend a few days in Hong Kong.

  2. Aw, I’ve never traveled alone, although I’ve always dreamt of doing so. In my place, traveling to another country/place for the sake of travel – and doing it alone – is cause for a lot of raised eyebrows and head shakes. One day, I will travel. Your post reminded me of the danger and adventure of it. Thanks, Mr. Bond 🙂


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