Technology That Shapes Shipping

Businesses are able to expand and delivery faster and more efficiently than ever before. And all of that growth is down to the ability to sell online and the shipping industry. Taking products from point A to point B. Shipping has been around for centuries, this is true. However, the industry is growing at a rapid rate, and with the implementation of technology, it’s more efficient than ever. So if you are a business looking to expand, then your first port of call after looking at new markets would be the right fleet management and telematics company

In the meantime, it is cool to know some of the technology that is shaping the shipping industry:

Autonomous Ships

The amount of crew and money that goes into a ship can be drastically reduced when autonomous ships are in play. The delivery the goods with zero interference, and they operate at peak efficiency for a long duration too. A range of vehicles is used to monitor the activity also. The autonomous systems are equipped with the latest material detection and heat mapping, which is what aids them in eliminating human effort. 

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Sensor Tech

There are a lot of machines that will be loaded on used on a ship. When they are all connected up with sensors, via wireless connectivity, the crew can immediately see which f the machinery is in need of maintenance work. As well as those that are out of operation. If the sensors are then combined with AI and machine learning, data can be remotely accessed and analyzed. Sending immediate alerts out if required. This technology will allow the more efficient operation on ships. 


Who doesn’t love the idea of robots being able to do things for us? Well, robots are becoming more common in all industries, the shipping sector is no different. They are being used for activities like delivering, packing, inspections, and even firefighting. Robots, unlike people, don’t need breaks, so they run at a higher efficiency rate. However, they take up a lot of space and will need to be well maintained and are costly. Paired with a sensor like the ones above, they become second to none in terms of data delivery. 

Port Management

When the harbor is a mess, that impacts offloading and loading. Optimizing the operations on the dock is going to have a significant impact on speed. Ships will have to wait less time, and the reduced time will result in fewer emissions too. To make the loading and unloading faster, robots can carry a lot of heavy cargo at once. Ideal when you are time and money conscious. 

Of course, everything being online, or at least cloud-based, is ideal for reducing costs and making all of the processes more efficient. And, with all of the information reporting and data-driven decisions are easier and much more precise – which is all great news. The fact that the shipping industry is growing year on year means we have a lot to look forward to with the strides in technology use too. 

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