Teach kids to say Thank You.

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Thank You!

Saying this two simple words is easy but sadly, we do not hear it much in the world anymore. Yes, you can say you hear those words in the supermarket check-out counter or from gas boys in your favorite gasoline station or when you walk up to the entrance to a posh restaurant or hotel. But this is part of their job. Would they still say those words when they go off work? I don’t think they would.

It isn’t usually heard these days, at least not in my part of the world. But we can still change how the new generation of youngsters would behave, with manners. We should start them young. Begin by

  • Lead by example – Say the words “Thank You” whenever your kid brings you your favorite shoes or sandals. Keep saying it so they know what words to say to be grateful.
  • Remind them – Whenever you are out and they meet and talk to other people, remind them to say the words especially when somebody has given them something. You’ll be surprised with the smile on your friends face when they hear it from your kids.
  • Make them feel good – Giving a smile back when they behave politely and making them feel good about what they did will go a long way in teaching them to be polite.
  • You’re Welcome – When they get the hang of saying Thank You, now teach them how to say “You’re Welcome”. That is the bonus for them for doing good.

Teaching them early and teaching them well will make us have a future where more of them would grow up to be polite and good individuals.

Wouldn’t be nice to hear kids say “Thank You” often?


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12 thoughts on “Teach kids to say Thank You.”

  1. ‘Lead by example’ is the most important thing to do.. Often we see parents and teachers themselves not showing the courtesy of saying ‘thank you’ and such simple acts.. In such situations we can’t expect the kids to learn.. Good tip!

  2. Very true, I think it’s one of the major things that parents need to teach and remind their children. Great advice!


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