Tala – Real Time Money Transfer tru Coins.ph even on Holidays [Best Online Lending PH]

There are several quick cash loan apps today that promise quick disbursement of the approved loan amount.

However, based on my experiences so far — Tala surpassed them all.

Tala is simply the easiest in terms of loan application, and the fastest in terms of loan disbursement through Coins.ph.

The money will be transferred to Coins.ph in real-time. And if you already have an upgraded Coins.ph account, you can withdraw your money on a Security Bank ATM machine that supports cardless withdrawal. No transaction fee. If you received 1,500 pesos from Tala, you can withdraw the entire amount.

Tala Philippines on the Google Playstore

Tala transfers money in real-time even on holidays!

That’s proven. I have applied on November 2, 2018, and the money was transferred to my Coins.ph account instantly. No waiting time.

So, if there is a real quick cash loan app that is available as of this date, I think it’s Tala (given the application process is one of the easiest, as well — just valid ID, no other documents like payslip or company ID.)

Indeed. Tala Philippines is a big help for us Pinoy who needs an immediate cash. Some other lending companies who offer loan schemes like Tala are not that fast in terms of disbursement — and it doesn’t work on Holidays.

For example, I have an approved loan from CashWagon, but due to the holiday, it was not yet transferred to my account. It was almost a week.

Download Tala Philippines app on the Google Playstore.

Do you have existing Coins.ph account?

If you have existing Coins.ph account, much better, no other steps required to receive your loan, just provide the details of your account.

Coins.ph is a payment processor of Tala, and according to its FAQ (Frequently Ask Question), Coins.ph is a payment processor of Tala, and you should choose it over the other options if you want to receive the money quickly. Right after you press the send button!

If you don’t have an account yet, Tala will give you a link to sign up on Coins.ph.

Goods news! Coins.ph will fund your account an instant Php50 once you use my referral code (or if you sign up under a referral). You only need to complete the account verification process, and your account will be instantly funded.

You can then use it to buy a cellphone load right there on the app and you will get a  10% rebate.

Please use my referral code below:


(The character next to the letter “a” is zero (0), not letter o)

You get 50, I will also get 50. If you have questions, let me know. You can contact me first before you sign up!

You can register with Coins.ph both on its website or mobile App.

Link to Google Playstore

Link to Apple App store

Link to Coins.ph website

How long Tala will decide if they granted me a loan or not?

Some other lending companies which offer online loans here in the Philippines will ask you to wait at least 24 hours to know if your loan application is approved or rejected.

Some will have a representative call you and ask a few questions.

Based on my experience with Tala, it will automatically give you a decision even if it is your first time. For first timers, you either get 1000-1500.

But it is still based on your application details, like your monthly income.

An instant 1,000 Pesos on your Coins.ph e-wallet can make a big difference, right?

Therefore, Tala will not leave you without a decision, and it’s up to you to accept the loan offer to not. As we pay on time, we can avail up to 10K.

Does Tala have high-interest rate?

I think it’s in the middle (15% payable in 30 days). Other quick cash loan lending companies here in the Philippines will charge up to 30% or more in a month!

For us Pinoys who are in financial crisis — that interest rate is not that helpful. That might give us problem on the repayment schedule.

So be picky — there might be several online lending companies nowadays, but not all are that helpful like Tala Philippines.


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Final words:

It is quite tempting to grab all the loan offers online, isn’t it? But we should be responsible enough — we need to weigh down if we can settle the obligations when the repayment date approaches.

If ever you are in crisis, and despite your best effort, you were not able to pay your loan, and a collector is trying to harass you — like telling you that you will be charged with estafa — we have covered that — read this article about estafa and why you should not be scared about it.

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