Taking Control Of Your Health When You Reach Your 30’s

During your 20’s, you have probably given so much time enjoying your life going out with friend, partying, spending weekends on beaches or to other countries. You may have thought that life is just great and that the happiness that you feel might be endless. But think again.

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In your 30’s, most often than not, people tend to ignore their health because their focus are either earning more for the family or the family itself. While it is a good trait to be mindful of the family’s sake, we have somehow forgotten how we should take care of our own health. It is during these times where in there is probably more responsibility that you need to take like having married and with a kid or two.


As we grow older, there is much needed nutrients to be taken in daily. Aside from the usual carbohydrates, protein and other minerals that we get from the food that we eat, we must be able to know which the best combinations of food for each meal are so that we may be able to adapt a well-balanced diet. Kids are not the only ones who need proper nutrition. We all need it in every phase of our lives

Wanted to start on a diet because you have probably taken the habit of munching in Big Macs in between meetings?  Your reason? You have not much time to go to a restaurant to feed yourself. That is not excuse however. If you really want to lose weight, eating fruits in between meeting and grabbing a good meal after can be of help. And not to forget to drink as much water as needed instead of gulping cups of coffee. Don’t worry if you are not able to take on those free cups of caffeine. Focus on your health.  Would it hurt if you would choose taking milk in the morning, instead?


Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! There should never be an excuse not to have a few minutes of it each day no matter where you are. Just when you get to the office, why not make use of the stairs if your office is just more than a couple of floors up? You don’t need exercising equipment to lose weight. Just make a few stretches and probably make use of the books as your dumbbells.


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