Take the good part from criticism

How do you feel when you here criticism about your job or about anything you are doing?

It feels bad right? And depending on the way people tell you are doing something wrong your reaction may be harsh if you feel attacked.

Well the first thing you need to know is that, there is something good about feeling bad when you are criticized.

If you feel bad it means that you care. That is something good about you! You want to do things right. Maybe there are things you need to work on and you will do it because it matters to you! You care about what you do.

The second thing is that you have to take time to examine what you can do to be a better person. Give yourself this moment to reflex about you as a man, a professional, a friend, etc. You can learn even from negative criticism.

Probably if someone criticizes you the first reaction you will have is to find an excuse or to deny that something is wrong. It is a natural reaction. But now that you are more calmed, think about this situation in a positive way: are you doing something wrong? Or what can you do to fix this situation? Why is this person not comfortable?

If there is something you are not doing so well you can start thinking how you are going to improve. Be honest with you and try to judge you in a fair way. Even when you feel that things are going fine, there might be some things you should do in order to avoid these types of discussions. Think about the actions you can do to have a pleasant atmosphere. That would avoid criticism and it would be a win-win situation.

What do you do when you are criticized? Are you ready to face criticism? What actions you do to improve?

Please share your opinions and thanks for reading.

1 thought on “Take the good part from criticism”

  1. When we hear people criticize us, the first thing that we feel is to feel bad. Which is I think normal. But instead on having lingering thoughts of those criticisms, one should stop and think if it were true or not and then try to help improve oneself.


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