Take Good Care of Your Heart

With the style and trend today, our body is at risk specially the heart.   We can  protect our hearts with proper diet and regular exercise.  I could not discuss on the proper diet but I just would like to recommend to research on what to eat because there are so many ways of dieting.  Whereas, we can have exercise on whatever we do in our house.  Cleaning the house is one way of exercise.  If you have nothing to do in your house because you can afford to hire helpers, you do brisk walking every day one hour will do.  At the office, do not just sit from the start to the end of the day.  You stand and walk around once in a while.  In going to the office and going home do not stop near your house try to stop at a distance so that you will just walk the remaining distance to your home that way you can have an exercise,

For our food supplement, I will share to you what I am taking for my heart.  I take flaxseed oil soft gel once a day.  It contains omega 3 which is good for the heart.  It is also good for the skin.  I used to take omega tree from fish oil which is also what my siblings take.  Fish oil is available in our place but flaxseed oil is not.  I bought some whenever I am to Manila.  If I can not buy flaxseed oil i take fish oil.  Lately, a relative in the US gave me a bottle thru her son who just arrived.  Thanks to her.  i won’t be buying flaxseed for 3 months as a bottle contains 100 soft gels.


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    • Thanks… I’ll be considering the idea of taking multi vitamins. But my derma recommended vitamins ace and biotin for my condition.


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