Summer Health Tips to keep our family healthy and safe

How many of you got affected of weather? Are you having fun this summer?

Summer time is fun time especially here in our country because it is also a vacation time for our kids in school. Many went to the beach and some are strolling to the mall to cool down and bond with the family.

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Hot weather is not good all the times because while we are enjoying outside of our house the possibility  of getting sick is bigger, cough, colds, measles, chicken pox and other sickness due to the weather.

To ensure that we can enjoy the summer time with less worries especially to our kids, we must observe the proper hygiene to all the members of the our family.

First, constant washing our hands with antibacterial soup and hand sanitizer afterwards.

Second, take a bath two to three times a day is helping to cool down and wash away the dirt and sweat brought by the hot weather of course with the use of anti bacterial soup that can protect our skin.

Third, As much as possible avoid going outside the house from 1PM to 4PM, and if it is not avoided make sure you brought sun protection such as cap, umbrella, and it is best if you put on sunblock to protect  skin from the heat of the sun.

Fourth, drink lots of fluids and water to keep us hydrated. And it is helping if you wear thin clothes.

We must take proper precaution when we are outside the house to protect our family members from heat stroke which is very common during this season and deseases brought out by the sudden changes of the weather.

Summer time is fun time and we can continuously having fun if we are all safe .


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9 thoughts on “Summer Health Tips to keep our family healthy and safe”

  1. Great tips my friend @Lane Vill. I follow most of them. sometimes it is difficult to avoid the afternoon hours as work calls. I will try to keep these in my mind and share with others

    • Thanks @purnimamukherjee:disqus, hot weather became the source also of sickness and we should take good care of our body especially if we are going out of the sun.

    • @purnimamukherjee:disqus I know what you mean. Sometimes I go out right in the middle of the day. Although i have a car, my air conditioner is not enough to keep me comfortable.

  2. I hat our current weather. One moment it’s blazing hot then in a few minutes it rains. It’s giving he headaches!


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