Suggestions for Motivating the Motivators on Day2DayTips

Not long ago, I wrote a post “Tips for making Day2DayTips more organized” in which I requested more categories for our tips. The admins welcomed the ideas and said that they greatly appreciate all the suggestions that contribute towards improvement of the site. I feel encouraged to suggest a few more ideas. Of course to accept them or reject them is up to the admins of the site, but I would also like to hear what other members think.

  • First, it would be nice to know how many tips each member has contributed to the site. This number can be displayed alongside the writer’s name prominently because it shows their commitment and also the member’s trust in the site. For example, Motivator: Gulrukh Tausif (20 Tips) | June 15, 2014 or something like that.
  • My second request is regarding visibility of our posts. I have seen that our entries get pushed down on front page by each new entry and then they are not visible any more. Sometimes it happens very quickly as some writers submit 5-6 tips quickly. I have noticed a section called AWESOME TIPS but these show tips by few writers only. I am sure most of us will appreciate it if more members are included in the list.
  • Another way to motivate the motivators would be to have one member featured each day on front page no matter how new or old that member is. Maybe the list can be alphabetical order and goes through entire membership. The name and avatar could be posted in a box and clicking it should take visitors to their archive page. I am sure this will greatly enhance page views and our old tips will not lie buried.

Thank you for providing us with this great platform. If we are just able to make a little more money here in a transparent and genuine way, it would be great.

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I am a freelance writer who discovered the love for the written word at a very young age. I am an avid reader and writer and many of my short stories have been published in a children's magazine. I love reading, writing and meeting new people. I also serve as the nanny, chef, nurse, sheriff, judge, toy locator, tutor, and chauffeur to my four kids and get oodles of love and some strands of white hair in return.

9 thoughts on “Suggestions for Motivating the Motivators on Day2DayTips”

  1. Yes it would be nice to see how many articles so it will help motivate others to do more so they too can reach A higher level. And another thing is there a way where we can just go directly to their profile ?

  2. I have no problem coping with the articles I have not read, i don’t mind on clicking huge “Read more tips” button to see what I have missed.

    I respectfully disagree on the putting the “feature motivator” in alphabetical order, I mean to be able to be featured a motivator must have contributed a lot to the community.

    Although I agree of adding more feature articles in different category to “Awesome Tips” however it should be “awesome” enough.

    • Actually I agree with you. For Awesome tips, the tips should be awesome and well laid out with headings and bullets with good quality content.
      For feature motivator, I thought, maybe everyone who is active on site should get a chance to be in spotlight. But as I said, these are just suggestions and everyone’s input is equally important because we are all members here.

      • oh no problem with me… like what I said I meant no disrespect. and yes everyone should be placed in the spotlight. that’s I agree with you.

  3. *Your first suggestion is great. @simplifiedblogging:disqus will try to have it as you have suggested.
    ** You can click on the “+” beside the mouse found on the last tip on the homepage and you will be directed to the rest of the posts/earlier posts.
    ** As of now, what we have placed on the featured motivator spot are the winners from the last Q?Tip Inspiration Week. But the team would talk about your suggestion.

    Thanks for continuously helping us improve Day@DayTips. 🙂

  4. Hello @gulrukhtausif:disqus

    Thank you for these suggestions, rest assured that we will consider these with all our future updates. We have planned to re-organized our categories, but right now we are busy with our top priorities. As what @giordz:disqus said, we will take this up on our next conference.

    We always thank you for supporting Day2DayTips. Though you are not making much money today on the site, you can make more money here in the near future.


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