Strengthening Your Financial Resources Amidst Crisis

No one is spared with the continuing price increase of primary commodities.

It may not be always within the capabilities of the government since a lot of the products are imported from abroad. But of course, we could not ignore that some officials may have taken advantage of this situation, that instead of helping fellow Filipinos to have a more comfortable life, thinking about themselves have become their priority.

Not all Filipinos may be suffering because of this, however, the ordinary Juan who has a dream of getting himself out of the hole seems to remain a dream than a reality that cannot happen anytime soon.

sa gitna ng kahirapan may pag-asa parin kapag kakayod lang

If you are a stay at home mom, how can you help your husband take care of the household?

If you are a student, how can you make it less burdensome to your parents in sending you to school and in giving you your daily allowance?

Should you just wait for the next huge Lotto Jackpot and hope for luck to knock at your door?

This bible verse always pops up in my head whenever I hear somebody relying on winning the lottery – HEZEKIAH 6:1…GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. This article is not about preaching the bible. However, there are significant verses which we can associate with being productive individuals than just merely relying on that luck. More than luck, one should be able to persevere. And when one does that, success is not far behind.

Doing things in your own simple way…..

For sure, there are so many stay at home moms who have considered starting up a business at home. The lack of financial resources may have forced them to just stay at home and take care of their children on their own rather than hire a nanny. This is not actually a drawback since the moms can be able to truly give the love and care needed by the children and will be able to properly guide them.

I was a working mom until I found it much better to be able to stay with my kids and tend to their everyday needs. But, it did not stop me from looking for opportunities to earn a little. I started as a virtual assistant and from them, I was able to learn so many things. It has opened new doors for me and was reunited with my “first love”, which is writing.

Writing may not be for everyone. But, there are tons of opportunities awaiting any stay at home moms. You don’t have to worry about which type of business to start with. To make it easier for you, start with something you love.

For example, if you love to cook, maybe this Holiday Season would be a great way to start it. Prepare food which you think are a hit during Christmas like desserts. You can just mix up a few ingredients and come up with a fantastic Christmas dessert. You don’t even need to start with a huge capital with this kind of business. But believe me, I have tried this myself and I realized that with food business, you always earn more than 100 folds.

Another great idea is to breed dogs. If you are an animal lover, this is perfect for you. My husband and I just recently started with this kind of business. I cannot say that I am a die-hard dog lover, but I would not befall any harm to any animal unless they attack me, of course. You can start with dog breeds that are not too expensive. Just be sure that your space at home allows you to have these pets around and that you are aware of the responsibilities of becoming a dog owner.

If you are a Fashionista mom, you can make money out of it. How? Make a pretty profile of the kind of service that you offer. Start with your friends, perhaps. Allow them to see how you can create a magnificent ensemble even just by using inexpensive clothes and accessories. If you have an eye for fashion, a simple shirt can look like a thousand pesos if worn with the right accessories. Your creativity can get you somewhere – even the next stylist of the stars!

Our economic situation may not be as favorable all the time. And to just always tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can do about it is short in saying that you have given up on making an improvement with your life.

Challenge yourself …….

All the mall sales are truly tempting. Add to that the unending online sale at Lazada and Shopee in which so many online shoppers have always been so crazy about particularly when those Flash Sale Deals started. It has somehow forced anyone to buy anything even if they really don’t need those things. The online shops have turned into millionaires while a lot of the consumers/buyers have fallen short in paying for their bills on time. Guilty? I guess, having great marketing strategies seem too impossible to decline sometimes. BUT, should you always give in most especially when you know that your funds are not flowing as much as before?

Challenge yourself with this. Whenever you have the urge to buy something, instead of clicking “Checkout”, just leave them on the “Place Your Order” Page. Go back to it after a day or two and think well if you still need to buy it. If it is something unimportant, it would be easy for you to forget that item. OR, if you are truly tempted, instead of using the money that you have in paying for that item, place it in a box with keys. Just imagine how much you could save if you do these all the time. By the end of the year, open the box and count how much you have saved. But, don’t get tempted into using it for shopping, then the whole challenge would have been wasted. Instead, use it to start a small business, or put it in the bank for safe keeping.

If there is one thing that the school has not taught us, that is how we should manage our finances well. Indeed, we can always earn back the money that we have lost, but should we wait for the time that we have almost nothing to spare? Be wise in spending money. Whether it was given to you by your parents or spouse or if it was something that you have earned yourself. Always think that unavoidable circumstances are likely to happen and that you need to prepare for them.

Stay away from luxurious items if you barely have the means to make both ends meet. You don’t need a business class phone if all you do is check on Facebook and Instagram. Be practical. You may never know what lies ahead and it is much better to be always financially secure than broke.

work hard to receive more blessings

If we push ourselves to do more, blessings are likely to follow. If there are indeed Lotto winners, call it luck, but maybe, they need it more than yourself. Always think that you are capable of doing anything and you get to have full control of your life to make it a step closer to being financially independent.


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