Strategy For A Better Game Of Rummy

Rummy is  a relatively easy and straight forward game played by 2 or more players. The object of the game is to clear your hand first or get rid of all cards you have in your hand. Here are a few ideas that can help a player be more apt to win.

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Be sure you keep track of the suits you have in your hand.  Discard face cards and larger counting cards such as tens, nines and eights as soon as possible even if you have pairs. You will want to have as few cards in your hand as possible if another player clears their hand first. And you want to have the lowest counting as well because whatever you have left will be counted against you.

Runs and Groups-

Groups are groups of three or four cards that match. Runs are consecutive numbers such as 1,2, 3. Keep lower counting cards and discard the higher ones even if you have groups of more than one. Get in the habit of ridding yourself of higher counting cards right away or you could be left with these high cards and the one with the larger amount of cards left loses.

Face cards-

If you have two of the same suit of face cards keep them for two hands or so but after that get rid of them or you could be left with these at the end of the game. Remember- the highest amount at the end loses.

The Other Players Hand-

Try to keep in mind, without being obvious, what your opponent is picking up. That way you can keep these in your hand for a round or two and make it harder for the opponent to get rid of his cards. Don’t hold them for long for you won’t be able to make runs or groups with them since the other opponent still probably has two. And definitely don’t if they are face cards.


If there has been a run of say spades then you might save cards that numerically will be coming up soon. That way you will have one more card to get rid of and be closer to clearing your hand.

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  1. I used to play this game with my family. And in high school we had a class when we played classic card games. I know it is a weird part of the class. But I think it is about preparing us for counting cards LOL.


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