Storm and Typhoon Safety Reminders Everyone Should Know

Photo by NASA, Public Domain via Wikimedia Common Typhoon Haiyan in 2013

Water is vital to life.  However, this same important life-giving substance can cause tremendous damage and even death.  In a country wrought by countless of storms each year, the Philippines has become a typhoon capital in Southeast Asia.  Although typhoons are part of Filipino lives, constant reminders are required to keep everyone safe from nature’s outrage.

Here are some life-saving tips everyone should know when it comes to storms and typhoons.

Prepare for the onslaught

Storms and typhoons don’t just appear without warning.  Thanks to technology we can determine when one is about to decimate our home.  Moreover, we have enough warning to make the needed preparations to keep ourselves and family safe during a typhoon or storm.

  • Board up the windows:  Glass windows are often a cause of injuries.  When debris at high velocity strikes windows it can injure people in the house.  Whenever possible secure them with boards to avoid damage and injuries.
  • Reinforce the walls and roof:  I’ve seen roofs flying during storms. Reinforcing the roof takes more than placing heavy objects on top.  This includes patching up any holes that can start violent rips and tears.
  • Stock up on food and water:  During storms, power outages can be expected.  So it is prudent to stock up of food that does not require refrigeration.  Likewise, opt for foods that do not require cooking or at least minimal cooking and preparation.  This includes crackers and biscuits, canned foods.  On the other hand, secure clean water for everyone.  Ideally, stock up food for at least 3 days.
  • Leave the lowlands and seashore:  The Visayas area of the Philippines was hit by a very strong typhoon.  The storm surge has decimated the provinces and families were lost.  When given the order to move away from high-risk areas do so at once.
  • Pack safety equipment and emergency supplies:  First aid kits and equipment are a must during typhoons and storms.  Make sure you have bandages, alcohol, antiseptic, cotton, batteries for flashlights, radio and other necessities you might require.
  • Emergency action plan:  An emergency action plan is a critical part in preparedness.  Every member of the family should know what to do in case of emergency.  This includes the location of essentials in the home, possible meeting places when the family gets separated, location of the nearest hospital or emergency services outpost.
  • Tie and secure anything that may be blown away by the storm:  It is imperative that you secure anything that the storm might carry and turn into a deadly projectile.
Photo by Trocaire, CC BY SA 2.0 iva Wikimedia Commons Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City

Stay indoors

When the storm hits, it is important to stay indoors.  Apart from staying dry, you get protected from any flying debris.  When wind speeds reach high velocities, a projectile can pierce through concrete without much difficulty.  You don’t want that happening to you.  When you are indoors there are several things you have to keep in mind:

  • Stay away from the windows and doors
  • Put barriers between you and the storm
  • Keep everyone calm
  • Listen to the radio for news
  • Use battery operated lights and radio
  • Do not go out for any reason

Evacuate when needed

Some people find it difficult to evacuate before the storm hits.  Perhaps it’ leaving their homes that is hard for them or perhaps it’s just plain stubbornness.  However, when instructions to evacuate are given before the storm hits, do so quickly.

  • Listen to local news
  • Observe rise of water especially if you are located in a flood-prone area
  • Follow the instructions of the emergency personnel

After the storm

After the storm, it is prudent to assess everything first before going out at once.  Some of the important things to consider include the structural integrity of the house, the level of water if water rose during the typhoon, debris that can be a source of injury and other potentially dangerous situations.

But the most important consideration is checking your family and keeping everyone calm.

Storms and typhoons have claimed countless of lives especially in areas where people are unprepared.  Moreover, storms and typhoon safety starts with getting people aware of its dangers and the possible ways to be safe.  When the whole family knows what to expect and how to deal with the situation, we can expect more people to remain safe during typhoons.

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18 thoughts on “Storm and Typhoon Safety Reminders Everyone Should Know”

  1. This is a great reminder especially for those people who live in places where there is a possibility to get flooded. We wish that Typhoons like Ondoy and Yolanda would never happen again but of course, we can never be sure. Much better to be safe.

    • Being prepared can save lives. What’s said is that many people should suffer and die first before people take disasters seriously. Before, evacuation were not seen as a good way to prepare for typhoons. but now, people voluntarily evacuate.

      • That’s because of what they have experienced with the previous super typhoons. Typhoon Yolanda was a terrifying experience for me. Not that I was caught in the storm but my dad was in Leyte, his his hometown, during that time. My mother in law was struggling for her life that time and we didn’t hear from my dad until after 5 days when the typhoon hit Leyte. I didn’t know what to worry first. I had text messages coming from my dad’s mobile phone but did not answer all of my questions. I tried calling him but didn’t take the call. I was unsure if dad was alilve and there was someone making pranks on me. I was ready to call a schoolmate who is now a Senator to ask for assistance and I was to fly with the military soldiers. Good thing he was safe along with my uncle and grandma. But parts of their house were damaged.

  2. It’s time for the Filipinos to really be prepared again, knowing storms could be so violent like Ondoy and Yolanda. Thanks for the safety tips. We just wish so many of our countrymen learn from lessons of the past to avoid damages to lives and property.

    • I do hope more Filipinos take the necessary precaution especially during typhoon season. I hope it does not happen again. It’s one tragedy that will always be remembered by the whole world.

  3. after Ondoy, I had great fear with flood. Because after Ondoy series of flash floods happened in our town. so when there is typhoon or storm in the Philippines I worry about my sisters at home.. I was always happy to see in the facebook that they were leveling up in Candy Crush.. because I know that as long as they are playing candy crush we don’t have problems there yet.

    • Last year with one of the habagat rains my car learned to swim. i had to sell it. But it paled compared to what others experienced.

      Candy Crush scores. That’s a good way to know if someone is doing well.

      but seriously, the series of disasters that hit the Philippines is really heart breaking.

      • yes, I was also sad when I learned about the yolanda tragedy. and people here were asking me how;s my family back home.. I can’t tell them they are leveling up in candy crush so far…. i just told them the we were not hit.. and we are so far from the center of the disaster

        • I bet leveling up in candy crush would send weird vibes. LOL but i’m glad your family’s OK when Yolanda hit the Philippines. i lost some friends because of the storm.

          • i am sorry about your friends. I don’t know anyone living in the places where yolanda hit badly.

            Really the candy crush relieved my worries, here.

          • I think I have friends who dies in disasters. i still can’t believe a buddy of mine died in the 9/11 attack. JC was a cool friend.

            I think i would be relieved as well. it means they are not just safe but are leveling up with pride. 🙂

          • hahaha leveling up in Candy Crush, ohh yes, that’s an achievement. hahaha..

            by the way, I am sorry about your friend.

  4. Oh my our country is facing different calamities all through out the year, preparation and awareness is very very important to ensure the safety of our love ones.


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