Stay Awake In The Office Without Coffee

Coffee is the lifeblood of many companies.  I say this since I used to be a caffeine junkie.  Moreover, when the task becomes monotonous, tiring, or even brain-challenging, many turn to the miracle of coffee to put their game back on.  Regrettably I have acid reflux and the prospect of drowning myself with this heavenly nectar called coffee is now a distant memory.  So how do I battle the daily drudgery without coffee?  Apparently, with much difficulty!  But I survive.  Here are some ways to keep yourself alert and awake at the office without coffee.

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Cut down on sugar: If you have a sweet tooth, it’s time to tone it down a notch.  Sugar can give you a temporary high but it will pull you down after a while.  Whenever you can, cut down on your sugar intake throughout the day.

Snack on fruits: Another exceptional way to energize your self and avoid dozing off at work is to snack on fruits.  These can provide you with vitamins and mineral to sustain you through the work day.  Moreover, they can refresh your body and keep you awake.

Stand up and move around: When all else fails, it is best to stand up and move around.  Take this opportunity to go to the rest room, take files or documents over to another department, get papers signed or just refill your mug with water.  Moving around will help you loosen up.

Posture and breathing: Apart from being drowsy, poor posture and breathing can cause discomfort, headaches and even affect your cognitive function.  By keeping tabs on your posture you will become more aware when you slouch.  Likewise, being aware of one’s breathing allows for better respiration and oxygenation of the blood.  Take a few deep breathes every now and then to help get rid of the sleepy feeling.

Have a break:  You need to rest every now and then.  Of course you’re at work and taking a nap in the middle of work can get you fired.  However, take a few minutes off.  Rest your eyes from the strains of the computer monitor.  Relax your hands if you’ve been pounding your keyboard for hours.  Also, you may want to just leave your work area if it is allowed.  A few minutes of this can recharge you and get you ready for the next round.

Massage yourself:  Stress can cause you to feel weary.  Furthermore, physical stress can turn into emotional stress that can affect your performance.  Before this happens, give yourself a quick shoulder massage or hand massage.  Release the tension and feel rejuvenated.

Do some exercise or stretching: Another excellent way to regain your energy at work especially when your batteries are running low is to exercise or at least stretch. This does not entail pumping iron in your workstation.  Rather a few shoulder lifts, torso twists, leg stretches and the like.  These will help your blood to circulate better and help relieve some physical strains.

Employee productivity rests on how alert and awake one is at work. It is true that it can be dreary or at times downright boring.  When our bodies are energized we can focus more on our work.  Moreover, we can perform better and produce better outputs.  You can try staying awake and alert without coffee.

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9 thoughts on “Stay Awake In The Office Without Coffee”

  1. I am not sure if coffee does more than preventing me from sleeping. But I guess, it is a bad habit to break, so to speak. Coz, even if I am at home, I feel like taking a cup at least 2x a day.

      • I also used to take that much but then I had palpitations and so I lessened the intake. At the office recently, I would just rather have water to run down my cravings for coffee.

    • It is hard if you have been hooked on coffee and find yourself with acid reflux. It is just too painful not to take coffee. But it is equally painful to drink a cup when acid is crawling up your throat.


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