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Most of the kids nowadays may have been hooked with online games and other gadgets that have made them stuck their butts on the chair or on the floor. And as a parent, I do think that they ought to play outdoor games than be sitting in  front of their computers until they all get huge and lazy. The internet  is supposed to be a friend of all but with a lot of things going on each day via the internet, this has become other people’s nightmare. But we could not really take away this technology now, especially that it has somehow made people’s lives a lot easier. So instead of fearing of what it can happen to us or to our kids, probably the best is to find ways on how we can be helped and at the same time earn using the internet.


Just by being part of Day2Daytips alone is something that any writer could be spending worth their time. The stress that it can possibly help relieve may not be compared to anything else, well, at least for me. The earning part, of course is the bonus. So aside from blogging, there are other things which we can earn from. There are other sites that we can make use of to advertise some of our skills which some companies might be needing.


With kids, however, I think we also need to encourage them to do what they like. Some might be inclined with the same passion as I have and probably helping a kid to start with his own blog might give him a good outlet to express himself at a young age. But, moms should make sure, though that their kids are really guarded when online. You just will never know when and how some people might just poison the mind of our kids. With blogging, and with our help, our kids may be able to start earning for themselves. Although not really forcing them to do much and forget about school, I think it is just a great way to give them a good start with it.


Some kids might be interested with arts and photography. They can put them all online and sell them for advertising purposes. Some companies do need logos or some photos which might be helpful for their own campaigns. And again, this could be a great source of online earnings.

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

10 thoughts on “Starting Young”

      • My daughter is learning at a very fast pace. It won;t be long when she is also clicking her way through knowledge.

        • That is great! We all wanted to see our kids become responsible at a young age so that they would be able to adopt them in a way that could benefit them when they are older.

          • Starting early is really important. When they get used to good behavior, it will be easier for them to find success.

  1. It’s really nice to encourage children to write to train them as well as for them to have an interest in earning online.

    • I do try to encourage my kids, and help them realize that the internet is not there just for them to play online games and chat.

  2. Ideal. that’s what I planned to teach my kids. But I’m worried now because the BIR is pursuing online entrepreneurs and if they find out that my kid’s a minor, they might require us pa to secure license for them and all that.

  3. I will say encouragement for the children should start from their home i.e. from the parent.
    Good shre


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