Start While Your Chid Is Young

10270262_10152331609120280_1357945351_nWhen I was young my parents let all of us take any activity we wanted and one that they wanted us to try. We all had early lessons in piano and organ. While in the Philippines I have an aunt who teaches music, piano and organ so we all had free lessons :). But while we were in the US we also had piano lessons and we also joined the choirs. My older brother and I also had guitar lessons. Now don’t get me wrong I loved them but seems like music does not love me hahah. I could play beautifully during my lessons but after years of no lessons I forgot. I do remember the basic and a few small pieces. I can still sing but only in groups. My brothers are still pretty good but it is good to have some background in music.

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When I was young I also had dancing lessons. I guess most mothers want their daughters to dance. I learned basic ballet, then tap dancing but my forte was hula dancing when I was in Hawaii. Learning how to dance made me a little more graceful, carry myself even if I am big I can walk slowly and lightly because of ballet and dance lesson. It helps you balance yourself and adjust. I was also athletic. I guess being around 3 brothers and coming home to the Philippines and have more male cousins than female, you got to learn how to defend yourself.

When my daughter was also old enough to read  and concentrate (8 yrs. old) My aunt taught her too. Even at the age of 70+ she still taught. Her son (the eldest) when he graduated and started a business he franchised the Yamaha School of Music here in Iloilo for her and it is still going. Gosh it has been here for more than 30-40 years. We would travel every weekend early to have 1 hour lessons. And she liked it. She graduated Bachelor of Music major in music education and voice. Now she is teaching piano and voice at a studio in the city and offer it here in my town at the house because we have a piano. She also had ballet and dance lessons. She even had summer classes in acting. I wanted her to experience the things I did plus more and I am glad she accepted them without problem.

Being parents and especially mothers we like our children to be talented. But I suggest that let them try on a trial basis and if they like it then continue. If they do not have any interest you will be wasting money. See where their interests lie in and then develop from there. If you hear them sing suggest voice lessons to improve. If she/he is artistic there are summer art classes.

It is better to start them young so they can develop and improve their skills/talent. Now this does not only mean arts but can be in sports like basketball, martial arts and also in cooking. Keep them occupied during the summer. If they say “school again?”. Just tell them this is not the regular classes but for fun and to learn and develop their talents. They will meet other children of different ages.

My niece working in the US has her daughter here with the dad because he is retired. She enrolled her in ballet classes and found out my daughter teaches piano so she enrolled her. But when she also heard that my daughter also teaches voice she rescheduled Tuesday and Thursday for her voice and piano lessons and Monday and Wednesday for the ballet which happens to be across the street. Her daughter is 5 yrs old and very talkative and active. My daughter has the patience to let her talk but when lesson time she concentrates. She is earning while making use of her talents.

So keep your child busy during the summer and learn new things, something they can talk about when they meet their classmates when classes starts.


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5 thoughts on “Start While Your Chid Is Young”

  1. Skills taught earlier will help them improve it as they grow older. Of course they must like doing what ever it is so that they can really improve their skills.

  2. I was also taught to play the piano at the age of probably 8 years old, too. Too bad, though that I did not take it that seriously that time. My kids are mostly inclined with basketball. And I just let them play as long as it does not hinder their studies. It is keeping them away from being in front of the laptop and PS3 for too long.

  3. My kid now incline to music and I let him be even the house sounds like having a concert every day lol… and sometimes I joined him. He is now love playing guitar.


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