SSS will now accept missed payments from January 2018 and onwards – Pay Until Jan 2, 2019!

Hello guys! Are you a self-employed and or voluntary member of the Social Security System (SSS) here in the Philippines?

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It’s a good news from the SSS! You have now the chance to pay your missed contribution this 2018 — January 2018 to December 2018.

Update: According to Jenny A., who personally went to the SSS for this matter, you can settle or pay any missed contributions from your last payment.

For example (quarter payment): if your last quarter payment was June 2018 (2nd Quarter) then you can settle your missed payment on the 3rd Quarter. I am updating this as of 12/23/18 so I did not include 4th quarter because you are still on track with that.

How about monthly payments? Some voluntary members opt for monthly payments. Most likely, if your last payment is February 2018, you can settle your missed payments for the succeeding months (March to November).

So, in a nutshell, you can settle or pay any missed payments for the months after your last payment. I thought that would apply if you last payment is December 2017 — so you can probably pay from starting January 2018. You should visit the nearest SSS branch ASAP.

I am personally so thankful about this revision of the SSS payment deadlines because my wife also missed several months of her contribution — that is due to late payments.

Remember, we can only pay in advance, not backward… so this is a really big opportunity for SSS self-employed and voluntary members.

Here’s is the letter I received fresh from the SSS:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good news!

If you are a SELF-EMPLOYED or VOLUNTARY member of the SSS, you now have until JANUARY 02, 2019 to pay for your January to December 2018 contributions and until JANUARY 31, 2019 for payments for the quarter of October to December 2018.

Please take this chance to settle any missed contribution payment this year and pay at the SSS branch, or accredited bank or payment center nearest you.

To ensure immediate posting of payments to your account, please generate your Payment Reference Number every month through your My.SSS account.

You may also receive your PRN and information on your SSS record through mobile phone by updating your contact details with us. Please log in to your My.SSS, go to ‘My Information,’ and click ‘Update Information.’.

Thank you.

Social Security System

Wrapping up

This is a good opportunity to pay your missed payments this year — however, we can only pay until January 2, 2019. So you might need to decide quickly and hurry up.

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