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I do not know if you already experienced this, received it, or fell for it.  What I am referring to is those “Text Scammers” who really spend a lot of time and effort to trick people by sending them prepaid load worth 300 pesos to 500 pesos.  They really have become so creative and inventive when it comes to tricking people to send them load without the victims’ knowledge until the day they will receive their billing statement from their mobile network.

Here are some examples:

  • ADVISORY: You have been charged P500 for MMS.  If this is incorrect, please send this pin 500 and send it to 2915xxxxxxx
  • ADVISORY: You have been charged P300 for international text messages. If this is incorrect, please send this pin 500 and send it to 2915xxxxxxx
  • ADVISORY: You have been selected to be given P500 worth of bill rebates.  To avail, please type 500 and send it to 2915xxxxxxx
  • ADVISORY: As a part of our celebration of building our 500th cell site, we would like to give you P500 worth of bill rebates.  To avail, please type 500 and send it to 2915xxxxxxx (So far, this is the funniest)

For those who are not familiar, if you follow the instructions by keying 500 and sending it to the number given that starts with “2”, you are actually sending them load.  And once you press the “send” button, you can’t take it back anymore even if you call your customer service representative to reverse the charges.

What I do, I do not just simply ignore them.  I report them to my network every time I receive this kind of scam via my cellphone.  I do not simply do nothing because I believe that through continuous cooperation with my telecommunication network company, someday these people will be apprehended.

As of this moment, the only thing my mobile network company can do is to block those numbers so they will not be able to send text messages anymore and victimize innocent people by tricking them to share the loads.  What these perpetrators do is to just buy another sim card and go back to their routine in texting people all day, every day.  Sim cards nowadays cost 10 pesos only so if the will be able to fool someone to send them load for 300 pesos, 10 pesos is nothing.

I hope our government can do something about this dilemma instead of just simply blocking the numbers permanently.  If this kind of scam still rampant, it only means there are still people out there who fall for it.  That is why I am spreading it here.  We should not stop by ignoring these messages but report them to our mobile network and share it to your family, relatives, friends, and loved ones.  Tell them not to believe whatever they receive in their phones.  Do some research first before giving out information or calling numbers indicated in the text message.  Let us be alert all the time.  Let us be hopeful that these people will stop and be caught by the authorities.

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10 thoughts on “Spread the Word”

  1. wow.. they are really into “improving” their modus operandi. I mean, progressive eh. (in a negative way) tsk tsk tsk people will not really stop. taking advantage of other people

  2. I have received a lot of those from the past but I am already aware that they were scams. I usually reply threatening them to meet up with my lawyer. LOL

  3. I also receive such messages.I just ignore and didn’t reply because in the past, I told them I will report them to the National Telecommunications Commission,but they did not stop and texted me at unholy hours at 12 midnight or 2 a.m!

    • That’s is why I report them immediately because they are annoying and to prevent them from fooling innocent people.


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