Specific Functions of a Retailer

Specific Functions of a Retailer

1. Selling at Convenient Hours
2. Stocking of Wide Varieties of Goods
3. Customer’s Convenience
4. Provision of Information
5. Credit Facilities
6. The Last Link
7. Breaking Down of the Quantities
8. After Sale Services

1. Selling at Convenient Hours: The retailer leaves his shop open and sells at convenient hours as some of them stay till late hours, open on weekends and public holidays
2. Stocking of Wide Varieties of Goods: The retailer stocks various types of goods and this makes it possible for the consumers to have wider varieties of choice.
3. Customer Convenience: The Customer most often takes the goods to where it would be most convenience for the consumers.
4. Provision of Information: The retailer is the one that is in the right position information to the wholesalers and the manufacturers in respect of customers’ preferences, tastes and of course complaints.
5. Credit Facilities: Retailers sometimes provide credit facilities to their customers as this helps to keep the business growing smoothly.
6. The Last Link: The retailer is the last link in the chain of distribution process by getting the manufactured goods to the final consumers.
7. Breaking Down of the Quantities: One of the duty of the retailer is to sell the goods purchased in large quantities to the final consumers in small quantities
8. After Sale Services: Most retailers provide after sale services to their final consumers. For example, durable goods such as television/radio sets and refrigerators can be delivered to the buyer by the retailer
Can you list at least two more functions of a retail trade?.

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