Sometimes you don’t need to give an advice

Sometimes you do not even have to give and advice or to offer something to relieve a person from its pain.

Human emotions can be complicated. Every person is a different world. This can make you feel frustrated, sad, and powerless.

But remember that the fact that you cannot offer a tangible solution should not make you feel worried or bad with yourself.

In many cases, letting someone know that he/ she is not alone, to be there and just listen is already something people can appreciate.

In many cases, the only reason why people keep working harder is because they know someone believe in them and have hope in their efforts. That emotional support is exactly what one may need and it is more important that a direct answer.

In the end, we all people are responsible of our own lives. There are things we cannot change or sometimes it is just that we are talking about a private matter. In these cases, to know that someone is there can be a fundamental source of support and confort.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you don’t need to give an advice”

  1. We seek for other people when we are troubled. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should follow what they say. It is still up to us to choose what we want to do.. Sometimes just having someone to hold on to , to feel secure is all we need.

  2. It depends, we often need someone’s advice specially on complicated matters, but we should weigh it, if we will heed the advice or not.


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