Some Signs or Warnings of A Heart Attack or Stroke


This is just a follow -up of my previous article and maybe shorter. But I would like to share some signs or warnings of a stroke or heart attack. These i got from researching and reading , Some people may not be aware of them and take these symptoms casually or really do not give it any importance. So please try to read and remember. it may save your life or the life of someone else.

Upon researching I saw a topic from a 911 warnings of impending stroke which I think will be helpful. It says how to spot a stroke F.A.S.T.

  • F – Face drooping or if you notice the person’s face looks uneven, one side is drooping and it is more noticeable on the mouth and eyes. Ask them to blink or smile
  • A – Arm weakness.Check if the arms can move or ask if they feel if their arms are weak or numb. Ask them to raise their arms or if you lift it and it drops suddenly and heavy.
  • S – Speech is slurry. Assess if they can speak clearly or if you can understand what they are saying. Try to let them repeat a simple sentence or word like “How are you” or even their name.
  • T – Time to call the emergency hospital, 911 or an ambulance. Even if 1 or 2 of the signs are present and even if they get better it is still safer to bring them to the hospital

Here are other signs and symptoms we must be aware of and not take too lightly. We must give any of these signs and symptoms some importance especially if this is the first time you are experiencing them.

  • Dizziness or light-headedness – stop and rest or relax from whatever activity you are doing. Then check your blood pressure have someone do it for you. This is not normal especially if you have not done anything strenuous or heavy movement.
  • Chest pain or any other discomfort not common to you. It maybe in the chest on any side. It feels like a squeezing pain, fullness and very uncomfortable. Some say it is very painful or a very heavy feeling in the chest.
  • Pains that radiate to the back, neck, jaw area and left arm. It may be a sudden or slow onset. If you are asleep and the pain wakes you up and if severe call for help. This is abnormal
  • Feeling of fullness, stomach pains or feeling of indigestion. People tend to treat it as heartburn but the name heartburn should make you think of your heart. If it is intense even if short and happens again see your doctor.
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing. This is also important especially if you have not been doing anything strenuous yet you have a hard time breathing. You need to relax and get help.
  • Cold sweat, feeling of anxiety or feeling of doom. These are stress related and can be unusual especially if it is not normal for you. don’t wait get a check up. Also feeling nauseated. These are common signs we take for granted.
  • Easily gets tired or fatigue and have trouble sleeping. These are small signs that something is not working properly in your body especially your heart. especially if you have not done anything but just sit yet you feel so tired to stand up and to even go to the bathroom. You feel that your heart is tired and most probably it is. So rest, relax and get help.
  • Another sign which sometimes people take for granted is when you feel that your heart is thumping too loud or you think it is strong. Sometimes it can mean your heart is exerting too much effort just to pump the blood. You will feel palpitations and the rhythm seems to be abnormal. Do not panic because it may cause more palpitations.

So if you experience any of these symptoms, go and see your doctor. He may suggest a good cardiologist. Don’t wait till it’s too late. If you are on medications drink them especially if there are ones prescribed for emergencies.

One thing I would suggest whether you are old or young, it is nice to have someone with you to help you, assist you and help you with your medications. I know it is not possible for all, maybe have a relative or even a boarder in your house. Let them know where you keep your medicines and let them learn how to take your blood pressure and also teach them the signs and symptoms because sometimes we are not aware of what is happening.

I hope these tips can help you.  It is always better to be safe and prepared. We can never be too lenient with our health and take things for granted.

I guess this is as long or even longer. Just wanted to help.

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4 thoughts on “Some Signs or Warnings of A Heart Attack or Stroke”

  1. I once had an arrhythmia when I had severe dehydration. It was really scary to think that I must just die any minute because I feel like my heart is skipping a beat or two. I really thought that the condition would not go away but glad to know that it was just one of the side effects on having inadequate amount of Potassium in my body. But it took me about three weeks to recover from having irregular heart beat. I had sleepless nights. There was even a time that I would rather not fall asleep fearing that I might not wake up the next morning. I felt like drowning!

  2. This is one topic that brings sadness to me because from my father to my two brothers, all died due to stroke and heart disease. So as you said, it is better to be alert on the symptoms of a stroke or heart attack than be sorry later.


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