Solving Fraud in the Healthcare Industry

Solving fraud in the healthcare industry

There’s no denying the fact that the healthcare system is far from perfect. There are issues with accessibility and wait times, and, of course, the financial aspect. While many talk about the financial side of healthcare in terms of citizens affording care, another money-related problem in healthcare has to do with incorrect billing. Sometimes, hospitals make genuine mistakes and end up overcharging insurance companies for the treatment of their customers. At other times, there’s no mistake: it’s just straight up fraud. This happens when a hospital charges for treatment and services that the customer did not, in fact, receive.

Whatever the cause of these problems, it’s clear that something has to change. After all, the errors aren’t just a one-time thing: they can contribute to higher prices for customers in the long-term, and in any case, it’s just a dishonest practice. The challenge is how to prevent it from happening. One possible solution is for accounting managers to engage with patients so that they can check that everything that’s being billed for was received. Additionally, they can also help to instigate operational changes within the company, so that there is a reduced chance of errors occurring. They can also function as the voice of expertise, since they’ll know the cost of treatments and procedures and so on, thus able to ensure that the costs haven’t been bumped up.

To learn more about this, take a look at the infographic outlined below, which was produced by the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Infographic design by University of Alabama Birmingham
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