Simple Steps On How To Become Productive

Slacking, procrastinating, lazy, hang-over…..where could this get you? NOWHERE? While most of the people are up before the sun does, you are still propped up in bed and dreaming of that wonderful Caribbean Cruise you have always wanted to have. When you wake up, you are almost an hour late. And what do you do? You rush- take the shower in a few minutes, dress up, skip breakfast and then run to beat time. People with this kind of attitude would never see any development with what their life will be.

Don’t you feel that time is running short? 24 hours seem to be short for those who works hard. Make a change today by doing these simple steps on your way to being productive.

Productivity_Prescription-262x300v  Have enough number of hours of sleep every day. When you wake up, instead of checking on your messages or emails, go have your breakfast or do your morning exercise or meditation. This would help you start a good day!

v  Plan the things that you need to do within the day but not trying to do a lot because you might not be able to accomplish all of them and the quality of work you do might get affected.

v  Concentrate on what needs to be done immediately so that you will be able to have enough time to make better decisions.

v  There’s no use in tiring yourself. Being productive doesn’t mean working non-stop. Take some short breaks to help you get recharged.

v  Learn to manage your time well. Do challenging tasks in the afternoon. Having a good lunch can help you perk up.

v  When you need to send emails to various people, instead of sending one to all, be courteous enough to make a single email for each. It looks more professional, don’t you think?

v  Some may have said that multi-tasking is their way of getting things done. But, multi-tasking affects the quality of work that you do. Sometimes, if you have a lot of different things in mind, you fail to do something.

v  Checking on emails may seem to be like doing part of the job. But constantly checking on it is time-consuming. Instead of checking on it every 5-10 minutes, try to make a certain of the day where you should be reading them. Emails can be a distraction sometime. And yes, also, taking on unimportant calls  while at work.


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Jenny Alano

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4 thoughts on “Simple Steps On How To Become Productive”

  1. Very nice tips. Being organized like budgeting your time at work can make one more productive. Avoid so many distractions.

  2. This one is really important to me right now. I’ve been staring at the monitor without any productive work. At least without an output i’m satisfied to call mine. I need some creative juice to flow.

  3. Nice arrangements and flow of thoughts. I know that I am not wasting any second of my time at least to my own personal belief.


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