Signs that the Relationship is Suffocating You

Much as we want that our relationship is always happy but that’s impossible to happen.  Even couples who have been together all these years fight once in a while but they stay together not just because they love each other but because they know how to handle their relationship.  They know their limitations and they know if there is something wrong with the relationship that it needs to be addressed right away.

What if the relationship has becoming suffocating?  What do you do? How will you know if you can’t breathe anymore?  Here are some signs that your relationship is suffocating you and you must do something about.

  1. Jealousy – In my opinion, being a little jealous is kind of cute.  I like my partner get jealous once in a while because it only means that my partner is still attracted to me physically and my partner doesn’t want anyone to admire me the way my partner admires me.  But when jealousy gets out of hand, that is a totally different story.  When your partner starts checking your cellphone when you are asleep or trying to guess your Facebook or other social media sites’ passwords can be really scary.  When he starts asking all the people in your contacts can be really annoying especially if the tone of his voice seemed accusing you of something, something as if there is something you did not tell him.  When she starts asking your whereabouts almost every hour and sometimes asks you to send him photos so he will know where you are really.  With these signs, you definitely know that the relationship is no longer healthy.
  2. Eating Habits – My partner wants me to be fit and vice versa.  We help each other to cut down some calories.  If we sometimes “slip”, we just remind each other that we are doing this for our own good.  But when he starts ordering you food like salad and says “You’re getting fat,” I think that’s anything but being supportive.
  3. Clothes you Wear – I dress nicely not just for myself but also I want my partner to continuously get attracted to me.  Some girls love wearing short dresses that don’t look slutty but boyfriends tend to be strict.  They will ask their girlfriends to change something “less revealing” like shirt and jeans which the girlfriend isn’t comfortable with it.  And the funny part here is their boyfriends go on gawking over some chick the passed by wearing skimpy shorts and strapless tops but they don’t want you to wear those.

There are more signs that you know your relationship is suffocating you.  Just remember that if he or she is becoming a control-freak with everything you do and the decisions that you make that sometimes you feel that you are a different person, you need to talk to him or her and fix this before it is too late.  You don’t want to start hating each other right? So talk to him or her nicely and just tell him or her how you really feel.  Who knows, this might make you relationship stronger than ever.

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  1. Relationships should be a two-way process, just give and take; always respect each other and consider and understand each ones’ weaknesses.


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