Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now? Understanding Your Options When Love Is Troubled

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, there is a difference between minor disagreements and major compatibility issues. When yours is facing trouble, you will need to ask some very important questions.

Most of them will regard whether it’s worth fighting for your love or calling it quits. No two relationships are identical, but most people will be faced with four potential solutions. Consider them all carefully, and you should make the right decision for you. At this stage, that’s the only thing you can wish for – whatever the outcome may be.

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#1. Stick At It

Unless there has been a serious incident that puts the relationship beyond repair, you’ll at least want to consider staying together. After all, you’ve built a long history together filled with many happy moments. Try not to forget them.

In many cases, the problems stem from losing sight of what matters. Spending time together is more important than work and any other aspect of life. So create time for dates and moments where you can create magical memories. Couple this with attending to your individual faults and the two of you could soon be back to your best.


#2. Take A Break

Even if you still love each other, time apart can be a necessary step to take. You may feel that you need clarity on whether life is indeed better with your partner around. Moreover, it may be a necessary step to reflecting on what has gone wrong and what can be done to rectify those problems

A break could go one of two ways. It could encourage you to work harder on fixing a relationship you ruined. Conversely, it may confirm that the bond is no longer there. Either way, you must enter the temporary split knowing the rules regarding other dates. Losing each other forever due to confusions in this area would be the worst possible outcome.

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#3. Look For Another Lover

If you do split up, it will hurt. However, if the writing has been on the wall for some time, you may not need much time to recover. Online dating is a great way to ease yourself back into the thoughts of finding a new lover. Whether it’s mature dating, gay relationships, or another niche doesn’t matter. Making sure you’ve picked the right service is key.

In some situations, the old relationship may have ended due to growing feelings for another person. That temptation doesn’t guarantee that this new crush is the right one for you. There’s nothing wrong with taking things further, but just be careful.


#4. Become Single

Then again, breaking up could leave you heartbroken. When this happens, dating others will only exacerbate the problems. Therefore, you should use this time to enjoy being single. Get fit, travel the world, and aim for a better job. Become the best version of you possible, and you’ll soon have reason to smile.

Furthermore, this can actively make you a more attractive prospect to future dates. It might be years before you’re ready to test the waters, but those benefits are still worth noting. There’s nothing quite like a loving relationship. On the other hand, being happily single is better than being unhappily married. Do not forget it.

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