Shocking facts students don’t know about teachers.

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Shocking facts that the students didn’t know about their teachers.  This is a revelation and   I know I should not tell this in public because it is some kind of  a secret and could be disputing professional ethics.



Students are so delighted whenever there are cancellation of classes  or long holiday.   Little they know of, that teachers are happier for such.   These are  paid days.   So if the classes are called off,  that’s entirely Nirvana for the teachers because they can rest and still be paid at the same time.


Well a teacher here told me,   “Zero is easy to grade”.  So true,  if a student did not submit the requirement, he/she thought she got away with it.  Little this person knows,  well, no submission, nothing to rate, nothing to score.   Zero.. or for me, get the minimum score.    Remember there are reasons why students are given some tasks to accomplish by themselves, it is about learning and independence.

NO ANSWERS in the Tests/ Quizzes/Exams

NO ANSWERS?  then simple X mark.   Some students are so lazy to answer.   Teachers love giving essays because this is the portion where students’ ideas are explored or drawn out.    The essay test item is the “WHY?”  answers in other words, this is the “analysis assessment of learning”.    This is uusuallythe chance for the students to think and explained their personal points of view.    Most students don’t answer this portion simply because they don’t like writing.  Oh well good for the teachers… no answer, then nothing to read, nothing to consider  (whispers to you especially with the students’ awful handwriting and terrible grammar.) and no headache.


Fantastic.  Imagine, a student doesn’t exist in the class.  Therefore absent students can’t submit requirements and no exams which means,  they get Zero and nothing to check.   so easy.  oh by the way,  teachers are still paid even if the students get zero  or absent.

Teachers benefit from students’ laziness as a matter of fact.  However,  teachers also feel bad if students do such.   This is the reason why most of the time students were given more requirements to make up for the loss scores.     Most of the time if a child or young person falls into a heart breaker one,  the teachers are to blame,  saying,  “Is this what you learned from school?”  or… “is this what your teachers are teaching you?”   Yeah, right blame it on the teachers.

True teachers aim to  form students to be good and productive citizens of the future generation.  True teachers teach not only the “lessons”  academically but true values of life, true values of not just about human but being good human beings.   Like parents they focus on every child’s needs and dreams, helping them to achieve it,  and  hoping that each will be successful in their future endeavor.   However, unlike parents,  they don’t have 1 or 2 child/ren in their care, but so many.

images (3)The SCARY TRUTH


True that the easiest score to give is zero, however, it is heart breaking for the teachers if the students don’t submit the requirements.   There is a feeling of regret for the fact that students miss another learning process.

NO ANSWER on Quizzes/Exams/Tests/Essays

Another true fact that teachers would find it easy not to read essays.   It is quite difficult reading essays and rating them, in another words, students who don’t answer questions by leaving the items blank… or simply by not answering the questions in the essay  is such a big minus to the teachers’ work.   But,  teachers are terribly affected by this, because students lose the chance of learning how to express themselves and so with how to defend their reasoning.


Whether there are 45 students in the class or 1, teachers’ pay continuously at the same rate.   Would teachers be glad on it?   Dedicated teachers don’t feel glad losing a single student in a class.   Some teachers do look for the missing sheep.    Some teachers even go for house visitation to find out if the sheep I mean the student is OK  or have problems or sick for instance.


imagesYes, it is fun.  Who wouldn’t want  extended holidays or weekend and a break from the chaotic classroom? why not?   But the more often the cancellation of classes, the more it is becoming a problem to a dedicated teacher.  How?   Students will lose the chance of learning all the lessons therein in a certain period or term.   and if there will be examinations or nationwide assessment to be held, students may not be able to answer some items.   Why?  For the reason that lessons were not taught.


October 5 is declared to be International Teachers’ Day,  and this is my second article as a tribute to the all Teachers of the World.

images (1)

To all teachers,   THANKS FOR TAKING THIS CUP OF CHALLENGE, to hone the children  become better citizens of the future generation.


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11 thoughts on “Shocking facts students don’t know about teachers.”

  1. Spilling teacher’s secrets here? I wonder how many kids will read this. It sounds good for the teachers but I think if any students read it they might get scared and try to do better. Especially the lazy ones. hahaha You should write a book of short stories about teaching and being a teacher. You could call it “The Traveling Teacher and Other Scary Stories”. LOL

    Good article. Thoroughly enjoyable! 🙂

    • lol… like supernatural thing?

      thanks yes spilled the secrets. I hope that this will work. LOL. but you know those came from the combination of heart and brain. seriously we benefit a lot from those NO Classes days… we are paid.. but we also have a problem after, that’s how to finish the planned lessons.

  2. Being a teacher is a difficult job. There is a lot of hard work. I mean back-breaking activities, long nights planning and making materials and worse having to deal with difficult students and parents. It takes a certain degree of patience and good attitude to be a successful teacher. when I say successful I don’t mean rich. I mean actually getting students to learn and love learning. Unfortunately, not all schools emply teachers with the right mindset.

    • you bet. and don’t forget the LOCO PARENTIS in every step of the way. which means second parents. that if something happens to school it is always the teacher who will explain first.

      but you know, jp, it is a very rewarding job. you know to see students progress…the feeling is very rewarding.

      all those you have mentioned above, they are all paid off.. at the end of the day… reflecting on the day… it’s all worth it.

  3. I also wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid. I started out to like teaching when I was in Grade school because I helped my younger brother with his homeworks. And that discipline I carried until I became a mom. When I help my kids in studying, they should see me as their teacher and not as their parent. I am strict to the point of not letting go of them until I am sure that they know everything that I have taught them.

    • you will always be a teacher, you have kids. and remember we are all teachers in life we teach people without knowing it, thus we also learn from others too.

    • it is really nice to be a teacher. money isn’t really that much… but the most rewarding part is to see the progress of the students.


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