Services Performed by the Wholesaler for the Manufacturers

1. Prompt Payment: It is the duty of the Manufacturer to pay wholesalers promptly to continue with production. In some cases, the wholesaler provides part of the capital to the manufacturer through advance payment before the goods are delivered as this helps the manufacturer in no small measure to continue with production.
2. Transporting of Goods: The Transportation of the manufactured or produced goods is carried out by the wholesaler. This makes it convenient for the retailers to obtain their goods where they actually want the goods delivered.
3. Advertising, Branding and Packaging: These are services that the wholesaler performs on behalf of the manufacturer to help the products/goods/commodities sell easily
4. Bulk Purchase: When the Wholesaler buys products in bulk, the manufacturer would happy and relieved the burden of keeping of large stocks thus the manufacturer concentrates on manufacturing the goods or products.
5. Information Carrier: The Wholesaler is charged with the task and responsibility of giving information to the manufacturer or producer about the trend in the market, consumer’s expectations, and changes in different branding.

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