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Although there are many articles on how to develop an effective SEO campaign on the Internet, there is still plenty of valuable information that can be obtained from books on the subject. Some of these books are available for free and some are sold at fairly costly prices. What all of them have in common however is that they may help you take your SEO campaign to the next level. Here are some of the more useful SEO books available on the market today.


  • Google’s own SEO Guide is available free of charge and it contains plenty of valuable information that you will not find anywhere else. The range of the guide is a bit limited compared to other books, and it can be difficult to read in certain parts. Nevertheless, the useful information offered for free makes it worth checking out.
  • The SEO Fitness Workbook written by Jason McDonald and published in 2012 is intended to help startup business owners navigate the murkier waters of SEO. With plenty of step-by-step instructions and free access to hundreds of useful SEO tools available online, this SEO book is one of the most comprehensive and wide ranging ones on this list.
  • The “For Dummies” series of books is known the world over for its distinctive yellow cover and extremely simplified content, and Search Engine Optimization for Dummies is no exception. Written by Peter Kent and published in 2010, the book goes over most of the major aspects of SEO in specific detail. Useful for those new to SEO as well as for those with a few years of experience, this SEO book could be one of the most useful ones you can buy.
  • Another free guide you can check out is SEO – The Free Beginners Guide. Although not as well written as the Google guide, this book is nevertheless useful if only for the chapter on links. The Google guide actually glosses over this crucial subject oddly enough, so this guide is well worth checking out for filling in some of the gaps in your knowledge of SEO.
  • Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies is an absolutely expansive guide to anything and everything that you have ever wanted to know about SEO. Written by Bruce Clay and published in 2009, the book can be somewhat overwhelming in range and sheer volume of content, also there are some truly useful sections here. Keep in mind that this book is not for people with short attention spans, but there are some gems to discover with a little bit of perseverance.

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