How To Be Selfish For All The Right Reasons

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There comes a time in life when you have to stop worrying about other people for the benefit of nobody else but yourself. You need to stop worrying what people are thinking about you, what they are saying about you, what they are assuming of your actions … and you need to stop giving your all to people who don’t give you even half as much back  – if anything at all. The state of our mental health has seen a sudden decline since the introduction of social media into our lives; the addiction to the dopamine hormone that is released whenever we get a notification or person speaking to us via the net is something that is contradicted with feelings of anxiety and depression when things don’t necessarily go our way. It’s time to detach from the augmented reality, take off the filters and focus on your life as it is currently. But how do we do that when all we know is technology?

Get Away

It can be hard to fully break away from what you know and love if you haven’t got anywhere to fully distance yourself from it. Finding yourself could be as simple as moving back in with your parents for a couple of weeks, staying with friends, or even looking at land for sale to make use of how you want. There are a lot of people who are pushing their savings into buying land rather than properties in order to develop more homes or build their own secluded little plot. Others may just want to bring out their inner hunter or use it as a place to relax. It’s up to you.

Switch Off

The easy thing that you can do is make a pact with yourself to switch off. Switch off from negativity, from toxic relationships that may have formed with people either online or offline, and from all of the bad news that is seeping over the internet at this time. It can be so easy to get too involved with what’s going on, which can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing. Being able to take control of this is something that will be an empowering source to you. It’s so easy to find yourself, your true self, once you have turned off all of the fakeness. Social media platforms make it so easy to convince others that we are living a great life, and for them to do the same to us; remember that it’s mostly lies.

Invest In You

There are certain things that you can do to really bring peace and calmness back to yourself. Yoga is an exercise which focuses on balance – but not just you core balance; your inner balance too. Being able to connect to the elements around us, such as the earth and water and air, are things which yoga pinpoints as the most important things that we need to sustain a healthy balance within us. You can focus on restoring this with calm breathing techniques and poses which help unlock all of the stresses that you have been carrying with you on a daily basis.

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