Security Is Necessary For The Home and Family

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Just last night a house was broken into. Their house was located near the barangay police station. They are also an influential family in our hometown. The farther was at the printing house where he was doing overtime printing t-shirts. I think he has 4 children and some were still young and 2 school age. He only found out when he went home early morning. There house was not that far away maybe a 10 minute drive from the main town where he was working. Actually the printing shop is located in their family home.

He was surprised that the gate had a padlock and also the back door. I think they passed thru the back door. A lot of their gadgets were stolen , laptops, cellphones and tablets. He said that was ok as long as no lives were taken. I guess those things were already just around in the living room and dining room and the children had forgotten to keep them.

What the police and the family did not understand was how come no one heard the burglars. For me maybe it was better they did not know or else who would know what would have happened had they caught the robbers. They may have had guns or knives. Also their male helper was sleeping in the living room waiting for him and he did not feel or hear anything.

The police found the padlock broken and a small home made flashlight that could be held in their palm and not really make a big light, just good enough to get around in.

Now I do not turn off all the lights, especially in the master bedroom where I sleep with my mom and in the hallway of the bathroom which gives a reflection in my daughter’s room. I also make sure the sensor light at the side is on. Can’t wait for the solar sensor light that my brother sent to arrive.

They did not have any guard dogs or even the  mutts that roam around I think they had a pure breed dog in a cage outside near the garage. They suspected that maybe some kind of spray was done to keep them sleeping. Now he is planning to put CCTV cameras around, I wonder why they did not do it in the first place since they could afford it.

But I still believe in my dogs since most people are afraid to get bitten and their bark is loud enough to wake up people and even scare people.These times when the prices of things are skyrocketing high and then prelim exams are coming and they need to pay and some schools classes are just starting. People will do almost anything to get money if they do not have any. When things get too expensive a lot of crime happens.

So we must try to find any kind of security we can. Try to make the surroundings of your house have some kind of lighting because robbers will be afraid to be seen. make sure all windows and doors have locks or grills. If you can afford have some kind of alarm, sensor light, or CCTV camera, get some. If you have dogs keep them near the house or even inside.

Also be alert at all times. Know the telephone number of the police and even a close neighbor. Also post them near the telephone for the others.

It would be nice if you know self defense and have something close at hand to defend yourself. Security in the house and within your family is very important.


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6 thoughts on “Security Is Necessary For The Home and Family”

  1. There really is no stopping these criminals! Good thing no one was harmed. I also sometimes feel unsafe even in the office. Specially that I am mostly alone.

    • please do not stay alone in the office have some kind of protection like pepper spray or a small sharp object I get nervous when my daughter is late

      • Thanks, Tita @daisynufable:disqus . But I think I would really be needing someone to be watching all the time, like a security guard coz honestly, I could just be gunned down upfront since I sit by the front window.

        • yikes scary and then having to go home late at night I remember when I was on 3-11pm duty in the US riding home on the bus I would sit near the driver or exit. Then when i get to the bus stop I would walk very fast. lol holding my keys in my hand

  2. Criminals now a day has no shame even to the most secured area in Metro Manila and the worst they killed out of money. It is an indication of depression state of some who doesn’t know how to survive in a descent way and don’t want to find a job for a living. I guess as long as our country is full of corrupt officials this kind of system continuously to evolve.


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