Security Can Be Expensive

To have the best home security can be expensive. CCTV cameras are not cheap. Also having a security guard is expensive. But we all need some kind of security in our house. You just need to be prepared and be alert.

Like what I have talked about on how to keep safe while living in other places we can do that here too. Keep something you can use for defense close by. Even those sprays like freshener and even perfume can be used if you do not have any pepper spray or mace. Just spray to the face and it works just as well.

One or 2 dogs would be good enough to watch your house once they start to bark in a different way you will be alerted and you can call for help and get prepared.

Another is having those sensor lights. Ones that suddenly go on when someone or something walks into the perimeter of their sensor. Most would get surprised and run off. And if you have the a dog the dog can chase them off. If you are worried about the electrical aspect, it doesn’t use that much especially if you turn them on only at night and turn off in the morning. There are also the solar ones. I am waiting for my solar sensor lights from my brothers.

If you have a gate make sure it is locked at night and everyone is in the house. Mine is squeaky when you want to open it so I leave it alone so I will know if someone is trying to get in or go out.

The way the cost of living has gone up, people are doing desperate things just to get money for their children and for their family.

That is why I do not like to have my house enveloped in darkness. I make sure the sensor lights are on and my mother has a small grotto in front that has a small light that is also turned on at night. When your house is dark it is beckoning the robbers to come. But if you have some light they will be afraid of being seen so they will try to ignore or skip your house. Some people even place warnings on their gates like “Beware of Dog” or “Dog bites”, even if they don’t have any dogs. The perpetrators won’t risk of getting bitten.

So we all must do our best to keep safe and secure especially for our families. It does not have to be expensive.

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5 thoughts on “Security Can Be Expensive”

  1. Leaving the lights on is worth it. It would at least make those people with bad intentions a bit uneasy to pursue what they intend to do since they would think that there are people who are still awake.

  2. Excellent advice. I live in a typical French apartment. It is in an old building and there is a communal courtyard. There are 8 apartments and we are all very careful to keep the main entrance door closed. The children who live here know that they can ring any of our doorbells and we’ll let them in, assuming we recognise their voice on the intercom. We all look out for each other – a sense of community can be the best form of security.

  3. We have squeaky gates and i don’t even bother to make the noise go away. it alerts everyone when someone is entering our properly.


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