Securing Your Building Cheaply

If you have a limited budget to work within your business, the idea of being able to secure your building properly might seem like a bit of a stretch. Staying safe in your office is actually not as difficult as you think, and you can do this without splashing out a ton of cash. Here are some of the ways you can secure your building cheaply this year.

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Cameras are the easiest way to keep your building safe and secure because they will show you what is happening on the inside and outside of your office and if anyone ever tries to rob you, you will be able to use this as evidence for the police. However, what it can also do is act as a deterrent for both robbers and for tor staff. Even if you trust your staff, you never know who will try to steal from you, and having cameras ensures the safety of other staff and your assets.

Fob keys

Robs are small electrical devices which hold a digital fingerprint, and they can be used on the outside and inside of the building to allow access to authorised people. If you want to succeed with emergency management and reduce the risk of incident, you can restrict access to certain parts of the building so that only the higher ranking workers can get in.

Get animals

Animals are not only great for the morale and mood of your office, but they can be crucial for the security of your building at night. If you can get animals such as geese or llamas on the premises you will benefit from an extra layer of security which will protect you when people are trying to break into the building. It might sound crazy, but it can honestly be a godsend and a lot of the time these animals are more effective than dogs!

Alarm system

An alarm system inside your offices can be as cheap or expensive as you need it to be, but it is an investment which is totally worth you taking if you want to keep your things safe. An alarm system will make sure that if you outdoor defenses are useless and someone breaks in anyway, that they are stopped in their tracks by a loud alarm system and run away anyway.


Plants are something which can either be helpful to robbers or will hinder their efforts. For example, if you live or work in a building which is set back from the main road, you don’t want to plant lots of trees and bushes in front of your building because you will be giving robbers the perfect hiding place. However, if you want to deter them being able to climb your windows or pipes, you can plant thorny bushes directly underneath the windows to stop them being able to reach inside your building. Plants will grow themselves so you don’t need to keep buying lots of new ones to cover the space.

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