Secrets to A Clean and Fresh Bathroom Without Using Dangerous Chemicals

I spend precious moments in the bathroom since it’s a sanctuary from all of the world’s turmoil.  Logically, I have to keep this special place of mine clean and smelling fresh.  But how do you do it without using dangerous chemicals and pseudo fresheners that do not work?  Well, here are some secret ways I keep my bathroom clean and fresh minus the nasty stuff:

Clean regularly:  I hate cleaning the bathroom after weeks of use.  The job becomes more tedious. So the logical course of action is more frequent cleanings.  This will ensure that the bathroom is in tip top shape every time.  It’s easier to do light cleaning than endeavoring to get rid of the deep stains nesting on the tiles for weeks. Moreover, cleaning the bathroom before bad odors become horrid is more sensible.  Why wait before things go from bad to worse?

Tile cleaners and the like can be effective.  But they may leave residue that may be harmful.  Some items from the kitchen can help with the stains like baking soda and vinegar.

Keep it dry:  Moisture attracts molds and molds are just not fun in your bathroom. Are you familiar with the musty bathroom smell?  Well, you can get rid of that.  Bathroom floors should remain dry for safety reasons.  Likewise, keeping your bathroom dry will avoid mold and mildew to develop. It’s a bathroom not a science project.  Likewise surfaces should be wiped regularly.  This will eliminate dirt and anything gruesome on it.   Furthermore, any standing water should be disposed properly.  Apart from being unsightly, standing water can be harboring microbes you just don’t want to multiply.

Proper ventilation: Another important element in a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom is ventilations.  With proper air circulation the air does not become stale.  Also, proper ventilation can get rid of offensive odors.

Using an exhaust fan is a good idea – especially if someone smokes while doing their thing.  Keeping the window open also helps.  Just remember to put a screen so insects will not infest your house by way of your bathroom window.  In addition, refrain from hanging so many items in your bathroom.  This blocks proper airflow.

Never leave dirty clothes in your bathroom:  Use a hamper outside the bathroom instead of leaving them inside the bathroom.  Dirty clothes, plus moisture and the relatively warm temperature after taking a bath are excellent condition for bacterial growth.  Plus, you don’t want a community of nasty microbes growing on your clothes anyway.

Dirty clothes, wet towels, bathrobes should not be left in the bathroom.  Have a specific area to place all these items but not in the bathroom.

Flowers or potpourri:  Instead of using commercially available fresheners, why not go natural.  If you have a garden full of your favorite flowers you can bring them in and use it to adorn your bathroom.  An alternative is using potpourri.   An alternative is to make your own aromatic infusions.  I have a citronella plant and I take the leaves then put them in mineral oil.  After some time, they are ready to use.

Organize your bathroom: Just like any other parts of your home, a little tidying up in here can be beneficial.  Racks and shelves provide order to your bathroom items.  Clean does not just mean sparkly, it also entails organizing of everything.

Keeping your bathroom clean and smelling fresh is made easier by using sprays.  But it only masks the odor.  Furthermore, to ensure that your bathroom stays clean and fresh, you need more proactive strategies than just spraying.  It takes some work to get this done without the chemicals and harmful products.  But once you get the habit of regular bathroom upkeep, it becomes easier.

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12 thoughts on “Secrets to A Clean and Fresh Bathroom Without Using Dangerous Chemicals”

    • I once came home from a long vacation and what I was shocked me. This made me clean the bathroom as often as i can. there was a time when i cleaned it almost every time I used it.

  1. Yes we clean every week sometimes I use the bleach to clean the toilet let it stay for a while then it comes clean and white and smells fresh 🙂

    • I actually thought of starting a janitorial service before. LOL I’m the official cleaner at home. The last long weekend gave me the chance to catch up on my cleaning duties.

  2. Bathroom become my sanctuary, I go in 10 times or more in a day. If I wanna have some space that no one can disturb me that is definitely the bathroom. And you are right making it clean and comfortable is a must especially if you have kids.

    • Hi @disqus_dqdRGzpeIO:disqus this is a sanctuary for me. it helps me escape from the stresses. it’s also where I get some of my writing inspirations. Weird place to do this but I just feel comfortable introspecting in there.


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