Screen Hunter for Screenshots

The Need

Most of us feel the need of having screenshots of stuff we come across on the web. Whether we want to take screenshot of a portion of text or a picture or a part of the screen, we wish if we had an efficient tool for it. Even though we can use our keyboard to take screenshots, it captures the whole screen including the address bar and the tool bar! Capturing a portion of the screen is very useful in many cases. For this, I use an incredibly useful tool called SCREENHUNTER.

ScreenHunter: The Tool and It’s Features

ScreenHunter is a free software tool by Wisdom Soft, that allows you to take screenshots on your computer with just one click! The most useful feature of this tool is you can capture the screen in almost any shape and size! The freehandĀ  and elliptical shape features are available for paid versions, though. The features for free version are as below:

  • Hot Key: Option to choose a single hot key or multiple hot keys for initiating screen capture
  • Capturing options: Rectangular area, Active window and Full screen
  • Timer option for screen capture

This useful tool is available in three versions:

  1. Free
  2. Plus
  3. Pro

Plus and Pro are paid versions with single license fee. However, for normal usage free version is quite sufficient.



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2 thoughts on “Screen Hunter for Screenshots”

  1. Ooh! I have to try this one… I’ll go for the free version first though… gotta make sure it’s worth the $$ after all LOL

    • Of course, the free version is more than enough for normal usage.. we generally require screenshots of rectangular size and that is possible on free version


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