Saving on Christmas Decorations

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We all like to have a Christmas tree and decorations in our houses during the Christmas Season. So to save from buying and spending every year, keep the old decorations and Christmas tree properly where it will not get ruined.

My Christmas tree is 4 or 5 years old and so are  the balls and decorations. I keep them in a plastic bag and place them all in 1 big box and seal  it properly.  I would then place it in the basement or some where where it won’t get wet and that the rats and mice can’t get to them. Also with the Christmas lights, I make sure that it is not tangled or that it won’t break.

So when the time comes, I can use the same Christmas tree. place the decorations or balls differently and if I do have extra, I will buy something different to add or different colored balls so it will look different. Even with the decorations around the house. As long as it still looks good I use them. So that I won’t need to spend too much and whatever I buy I save for the next year again.

My tree looks simple and bare but it has a lot of small xmas balls and lights and when it lights it looks beautiful. The garland used to be on the tree so this year i wrapped it around the table. Those are early Christmas gifts sent by my brothers.

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Like these stars, they are supposed to be lights but they won’t work so instead of throwing them away, I hanged them outside near the gate so it will also look like Christmas there too.

If you are artistic you can make your own with glue, Styrofoam, glitters and silver paper. Even native objects like coconut husks or leaves. A little paint and glitter makes them look wonderful. We just need to be creative, even the lowly empty toilet paper roll can be cut and designed and colored to make some kind of Christmas decorations. Old Christmas cards can be cut and hanged around. You don’t need to spend thousand of dollars or pesos just to make the house look festive. If you have a Parol hanging outside your house is already festive enough and you can make your own.

Just be creative, innovative and resourceful. Sometimes you feel better if the decorations were hand made and original

But the most important thing to remember is it is the birth of our Lord Jesus, pray to Him and honor Him. Also having your family with you is also another important factor in making Christmas a season to remember and a happy one. Whether you are rich or poor loving and caring for one another is what Christmas is about, not the thousand pesos or dollars worth of decorations or the thousand of lights around your house. Jesus does not judge on what you have but for who you are.

Merry Christmas everyone and may you all have a happy one with your families, relatives and friends.

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10 thoughts on “Saving on Christmas Decorations”

  1. Good information, Daisy. I like to craft my own. As we get older, Dave and I enjoy gathering natural materials to decorate for Christmas. Making a white birch Yule log is my favorite.

    • sometimes homemade ones are the best I remember when we were kids and we made decos in school and my mom would hang up our decortions in the US I aso did that to mt daughter decos

  2. Hello, Tita @daisynufable:disqus ! We used to have a huge Christmas tree until we moved to a new house back in 2004. I have gotten so upset on how my mother in law transported my stuff to the new house. I gave birth during that time so I wasn’t able to check how they all moved my stuff. Eventually, a lot fo my things got broken and lost. One of them was the Christmas tree. I never bought another one again.

  3. We haven’t removed our Christmas Tree since last year. My daughter Yna insists that it stayed up the whole year. But I have to dust it as often as I can. We’re planning to just put up more decorations on it this week. Yna is already making her Christmas tree decorations.

  4. Our Christmas tree has been with us for more than 10 years! I just add some Christmas balls or decors yearly.


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