Saving Money on Gifts

Christmas and other holidays throughout the year makes you to spend on the gifts. You can avoid spending money on gifts that are not usable. If you are low on budget yourself then getting the right gift is not that easy. It also becomes hard to get gift when you want to connect with people through gifting. Choosing the gift on the basis of confusion leads to wrong choice. 

It helps when you make a spreadsheet and decide the gift based on price and like of a person. You can also stick to a particular amount that you would like to spend on a person. When you do that then you don’t overdo the budget and also make a right choice within the financial limit. I hope the tips below will help you to choose the right gift for holidays.

  • Get a gift that fulfills the ‘need’ of the person rather than ‘want’.
  • Give gifts of “experience” rather than stuff.
  • Avoid expensive gift wrapping.
  • Be creative with the remaining leftovers and make gifts from it.
  • Buy from charitable institutes.
  • Stock up gifts for Christmas before Thanksgiving.
  • Use coupons whenever possible to save on expensive gifts.
  • Avoid falling for sales during the holiday season, instead choose end of stock sale where you get exclusive one-off items.
  • Avoid buying gifts on your personal interests. If you do that you end up choosing expensive gift.
  • Gift should make the person feel that you care.
  • Gifts should not carry the price tag and you should remove it whenever possible.
  • Make gifts from scratch, If you are creative.
  • Try to buy local whenever possible to save money on packaging and shipping.

Saving money while choosing the right gift is not easy. However, if you plan wisely, saving money and time is not hard to do.

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2 thoughts on “Saving Money on Gifts”

  1. when it comes to bulk gift buying, I tend to buy useful things rather than what they want. But when it comes to loved ones, I tend to buy things that they want. 🙂

  2. For other people, we buy in bulk, say for officemates but for my grandchildren or relatives, we choose what is appropriate for them. Thanks for the tips, it is really nice to save on gifts.

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