Saving Electricity by Unplugging Things

See that little light on the TV when it is on? That means that even if you have turned it off, it is still consuming electricity. What to do to save on electricity is to unplug the TV. Let us assume that that little light on the TV consumes a penny a day. In 30 days, that is 30 cents, and in a year, it is 3.65 dollars. A small amount one might think but if there are 2 to 3 TVs in the house, and by adding on the other appliances computing a few electric fans also at a penny a day, then the amount that you can save by unplugging appliances is a lot.

A lot of home appliances are plugged in all the time so it’s ready to use. Such appliances include the electric fan, the microwave oven,  and the washing machine. It does take extra effort to unplug appliances as one has to bend down and remove the plug from the socket but then it could be a form of bending exercise.

There is another reason why you should unplug appliances aside from saving money on your electricity bill. It is the eco-friendly move to save on energy and those plugs that you painstakingly remove is for the greater good.

We tend to ignore these little things because it may be inconvenient but the time and effort taken to unplug appliances does make a difference. The electricity bill does have add ons which are based on the kilowatt consumption and by cutting this down, those add ons are reduced.

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  1. This is a real penny saver tip. And apart from that if I may add is to really turn off the main switch when there has been a power interruption. Coz once the electricity goes back, the sudden surge of electricity might be too high which can damage the appliances.


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