Save Yourself From Depression

We may not find our everyday lives as happy as it can be every single day. But that is just part of life. It never promised us a perfect one. Instead of agreeing with people with the negative things they say about you, help yourself realize these few points:

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  • There was one time that I believe in luck. But how can one be lucky if a person does not help himself? No such luck would befall on any person if he would just be looking up at the ceiling and would be counting the ants passing by!
  • You may have seen your friends being successful in their lives —having businesses and all. But think of it this way. It is never too late to start your own right now. Just be dedicated, work hard and be patient.
  • People will never tire in criticizing other people; either it is something that they think could help a person or just their way of life. But never fear of what others might think. If you know that you are doing something good and stand up for it.
  • As the world is imperfect, so is man. Making yourself feel bad about who you are or what you have done would not be of help. You may want to know everything, but that is not possible. You may have made wrong decisions, but that is just a great way for you to improve yourself.
  • Putting yourself so low may only cause you to be in a state where there might be no return to the life that you have. Depression is something that is hard to overcome. Some may have relied on medicines to help them but some would just be jumping out of the window or hang themselves inside their rooms. Make yourself feel loved by the people around you, especially your family. They are your sure protection from the “cruel world”.
  • If there’s anything that you need to believe in, it’s the fact that you can do whatever you put your heart and mind into. Just keep the faith.
  • You feel so small because you fear that when people does not reply to your messages, that you are not important. Before you even think about it to be the cause, think what kind of a person is he/she.  How does he/she run her life? How long has he/she been part of your life? Sometimes, our friends are just too busy with their own lives but it doesn’t mean that they care less or love you less. Be considerate of their feeling, too. Especially when friends have their own families, they would prioritize their families above anything else.
  • And again, things happen for a reason. Things happen beyond your control. The key to saving your sanity is to accept the things that happened to your life. It only becomes difficult if you refuse to accept the fact and insist on what is impossible.
  • How do you see yourself in the mirror? Or do you even look at yourself in front of the mirror? I used to not face the mirror as much. I hate the person I see. Not just seeing the physical flaws but it reminds me of the past that has pained me and a lot of people. But learning to let go, and again, accepting that it is already part of who I am, I am no longer afraid to see the new me.
  • You may have made some decisions that were, well, not as good as you expected it to be. You should not be ashamed of your flaws. Always think that we always have a room for improvement and without these flaws, we will never be able to know that we need to become better.
  • Learn to appreciate other people’s achievements and never get jealous about it. Mr. A may have been able to be successful with the business that he has put up with in just a short span of time, but think how much he has spent his time in really trying hard to make his business be known.  Lots of hard work is a must. Jealousy will never lead you anywhere. Instead of being jealous, why not use your time in a more positive way?
  • No one has built an empire in a day. So that means, patience and perseverance is a must to be successful in life.
  • You may have been hurt a lot, but that should not mean that you should never trust anyone again. It may be hard to build that trust again, I know. But think of it this way, how can you ever get out of that hole if you fear to reach out to that hand willing to help you out?
  • The person who easily gives up does not make his life worth living. As the saying goes, “try and try until you succeed”. If you fail today, see through what has gone wrong and find ways on how to go through it in a different approach. You strive for perfection in this imperfect world.  But think of it as life’s reason for you to become a part of this world…waiting for you to share what you have in your heart and somehow be able to make other people be inspired with how you were able to escape the flames of depression.
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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

24 thoughts on “Save Yourself From Depression”

    • Just keep on praying for strength, sis @celline08:disqus. Don’t let depression rule your life. Keep on reading day2daytips. You’d surely be motivated to feel good about yourself.

    • Yes, and I have proven that myself a hundred times, too. Some people just breathe to insult people and let them down.

  1. I don’t want to hear anymore the saying “Try and try until you die”. I know just only a joke but we learn from it. Instead, being a business minded person. I will try try and try until I will succeed. I will not count how many times I fall, but I always consider the day I rise. Very good tips indeed. No way to depress. I keep myself busy to the things that I love to do regardless of what people around me can say. I am thr driver of my own life. I am the responsible on it. I don’t care other people opinions, as long as I’m in the right path I will continue my journey. No matter what happen.

  2. Great reminder for self. I’m a pretty positive person and live my life the way I feel is right fr me and my family. I had a pretty terrible past but I didn’t let that get in the way of having a happy family and self. It’s about what you want too achieve and be for yourself and not for others.

    • Am happy that you have a very positive attitude towards life. Do continue to spread that positive energy! 🙂

  3. Yup, these are great tips. I especially like the one to start a business right now. Success comes to those who seek it. if we do not, we may never see it.

  4. The last one was a punch point “The person who easily gives up does not make his life worth living”.

    Stupendous post!

  5. I like that one:”patience and perseverance is a must to be successful in life.” If everyone would adhere to that principle, many people would be so successful. I wish those who lose hope could realize that message.(BTW, I made a new acct.with Disqus just to interact with friends here. I could not use my old acct.even if I disabled the Avast while here).

    • I am happy that you are able to interact with fellow members again! Yey!

      But really, sometimes, life van be so frustrating that it is kind of hard to be just positive all the time. But instead of thinking of how we feel about these bad incidents, we must prioritize our family’s sake.

  6. Yes you are right in this post @jenny1015:disqus if we learn not to be jealous for the achievement of others we will not get depressed, These are great point on how we can fight depression.

    • Some people are just not too happy with other’s achievements. Too bad, that instead of making themselves be part of the success, they become bitter even more.

  7. Great realizations here. One must really me patient and hardworking, there is no such thing as pure luck,

  8. Nice tip. From experience, I learned that in order to have a peaceful and contented life, we have to accept the realities and be contented of what we have. It’s not bad to have an ambition and dream of becoming successful and in order to achieve it we have to extend our patience in order to bear all the trials that we may go through. We must also accept if there are failures and most of all put God in the center of our lives. He is always there for us.


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