Save Your Change to Pay for Your Next Vacation

Saving for a Vacation

When I was a single guy, taking a vacation was easy.  All I did was pick up and go.  But things really changed when we started having a family, and all of a sudden, taking a vacation was a luxury, not something that we could just do on a whim.  Not only was it more expensive for us to take a trip, but it was even harder to save up the money.

Frankly, planning to go on a vacation stressed us out.

A couple years ago, we tried something new: we put all of our change away at the end of each day and designated it as our “travel fund”.  We didn’t expect it to grow a lot, but we thought it would help.

Six months into putting our change away, we really didn’t notice any difference in our spending habits, but we were surprised by what happened with our savings.  In fact, in those first six months, my wife and I were able to save up $700 – $700!  My jaw just about hit the floor – did we really just save up that much money to take a trip?

Now, taking a trip is not as stressful as it used to be.  We don’t worry so much about having the money to go away.  Saving our change really made a big difference for us, and will make a big difference for you too – just give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Save Your Change to Pay for Your Next Vacation”

  1. how i wish I could save that I do place change in a “piggy bank” but whenever I have an emergency I sadly have to use it . But you get surprised at the amount you saved.

  2. How fantastic – do you save all coins? I save what I call “the brown bits” – 0.01€, 0.02€ and 0.05€ pieces, they amount to about 50€ every Christmas. I might start saving the 0.10€ and 0.20€ pieces from now on. One year I got a tax bill for 45€ in November and my coins added up to 46€ – I had contested that bill for various reasons, but had to pay it – so I handed over a carrier bag of “brown bits”!

  3. lol. sorry my wild imagination is hitting me. hehehe.. buying tickets with those coins.. and having those coins as pocket money. I won’t need a coin purse.. I will need a coin bag instead. then my luggage will be a crazy heavy.. hahahaha… sorry my imagination..

    but yes practical and doable tip.


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