Save.. Tighten… bend.. nothing more to extend. solution.. Debt?

Save, save, save,  whatelse is to save when you have made ways to save already.  Tight, tight, tight, what else to tighten when you have tighten your belt to fullest….   ok.. bend, bend.. bend.. what else to bend if you have bended to the max  and still you don’t fit in the blanket.

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Yes how to save money when the money is just enough?  Hmmm… such a difficult question  to answer when you don’t know really what the answer is.  Maybe, it is time for you to ask someone and loan money…  Yes,! No option but oh well ask an S.O.S.  from someone.

Before you do that wait…         and hold your breath…                   think.. and think.. until you have decide if  really there is a need to take that action.   Oh well, sometimes we just thought that we need it but when we hold for awhile, and let things pass we will notice that there is no need to loan anymore.  No loan means  no debt.

Why people dwell to debt?

People dwell to debt if they think that they don’t have enough and they want to have something.   Too bad, that even if just a want it turns to “need” .

How to avoid making debts?

  1.  Study and weigh if the need is really a need and just not just a want.
  2. Prioritize the necessities so just work on the top necessity.
  3. Double check things before buying a new one.  Some things can still be recycled or reuse.
  4. Sort out things at home that are not in used and sell them, this could be  a good source of  little money.

..  and still if loan is just inevitable ..  make sure that you know how much you can loan that you will be able to pay it, so that you won’t  really be in DEEP SH…    i mean in deep shortcomings.

Remember, study and weigh, prioritize, recycle/reuse and sell things not in  used anymore.

Good luck.


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4 thoughts on “Save.. Tighten… bend.. nothing more to extend. solution.. Debt?”

  1. Getting a loan nowadays has become rampant among small business owners and even for ordinary people because of the escalating expenses especially now that school will be starting in 3 weeks. I have been offered as a PA for a financial corporation. And although they have great terms, I just feel so bad how people would end up loaning and some were not even able to pay their loans so they lose their properties. But what can an ordinary JUAN do but to do this.

    • yes, sometimes loan is inevitable. but do you believe that if you think that fits it will surely fit. If you think that it is sufficient it will be sufficient. I don’t know how to explain this but you know. some people might just think that the only option is to loan, that’s why they tend to spend something (I can’t say more than).

      • Coz, they do not try to find other means like selling some old stuff which may be just as helpful. If they would only think how much they lose from loaning….

        • i was in a financial difficulty one time. so I have an option to loan so I have money in my pocket. I am a type of person who is not so dependent… so, i was really tempted to loan .. but i held my horses for awhile.. and wait, then money just came … phew.. solved and I did loan .. survived.phew..


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